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Below is the list of all the projects found on CreateYourCrafts.com!!

12 Days Til Christmas
123 Earrings
12X12 Monthly Gratitude Journal
15 Minute Wreath
2004 Calendar
2010 Desk Calendar
3D Birthday Card
4 Leaf Clover Pin
4th of July Pin
5 Petal Nylon Netting Flower
70's Bracelet
Accu Cut Graduate Favor Box
Accu-Cut Invitation
Accu-Cut Mini Book
Acetate Favor Box
Adopt-a-Dog Pin
Aloha Bear Centerpiece
Aloha Cards 2006
Aloha Cigar Box Purse
Aloha Diamond Foil Card
Aloha Festivals Honu
Aloha Kitty Tag
Aloha Shirt Card
Aloha Turtle
Alphabet Stamp
Angel Ornament
Angel Pin
Animal Love Pin
Anthurium Arrangement
Apple Magnet
Apple Treat Holder
April Candle Holder
April Showers Photo Frame
Art Deco Tile Card
Artwork Magnet
Asian Bag
Asian Cigar Box
Asian Design Key Ring
Asian Frame
Asian Wooden Box
Autumn Friendship Necklace
Autumn Jasper Pearl Necklace
Autumn Treasure Card
Baby Gift Bag
Back To School Card Case
Back to School Dorm Frame
Back To School Memo Clip
Baseball Piggy Bank
Basic Bow
Bat and Pumpkin Mobile
Bat Box Favor
Bat Candy Carrier
Bat Glasses
Bat Ornament
Batty Pin
Be Mine Valentine's Day Card
Be Mine Valentine's Day Card 2
Be Yourself Slippah Card
Bead Angels
Bead Travel Can
Beaded Bow Necklace
Beaded Bracelet Bunny Basket
Beaded Bunny
Beaded Charm Wrap
Beaded Comb
Beaded Cupcake
Beaded Floral Design Barrette
Beaded Floral Lanyard
Beaded Frog Charm
Beaded Geisha Keychain
Beaded Gift Tag
Beaded Heart
Beaded Heart 2008
Beaded Jewel Pens
Beaded Lanyard
Beaded Mochi Earrings
Beaded Ornament Cover
Beaded Panda
Beaded Purse Charm
Beaded Reindeer
Beaded Sheer Bag
Beaded Snowflake Ornament
Beaded Treasure Box
Bezel Resin Pendants
Bollywood Jewelry
Boo Card
Boo Pin
Book of Love
Bookmark 2008
Bookmark 2010
Bottle Cap Bracelet
Bottle Necklace
Bouncing Spider
Box Card
Boxed Presents Beaded Pencil Topper
Boy's Day Carp
Boy's Day Favor
Boy's Day Fish
Boy's Day Fish 2007
Boys Day Lollipop Cover
Bubbles the Snowman
Bulb Ornament
Bunny Bag
Bunny Box
Bunny Box To Go
Bunny Candy Jar
Bunny Cookie Treat
Bunny Egg Hugger
Bunny Glass Block
Bunny Lollipop Covers
Bunny Pin
Bunny Pin 2
Bunny Votive Candle Holder
Bunny With Carrot
Burlap Flower
Burlap Rose
Butterflies and Blossoms Bracelet
Butterfly and Daisy Picture Frame
Butterfly Centerpiece
Butterfly Glass Block
Butterfly Photo Holder
Button Photo Card
Button Pins
Button Rings
Cake Slice Fish Box
Calico Cat Bank
Candy Bouquet
Candy Bow Pin
Candy Cane Beaded Pencil Topper
Candy Cane Mouse
Candy Cane Tag
Candy Corn Favor
Candy Corn Pin
Candy Corn Treat Box
Candy Magnet
Candy Rose
Candy Stick Bags with Toppers
Carnation Bear
Carnation Bunny
Carrot Treat Bag
Carrot Treat Box
Cash Box Purse
Catch-All Box
Caterpillar Album
Celestial Bangle Bracelet
Cello Treat Bag
Ceramic Pig
Cha-Cha in the Pumpkin Patch Bracelet
Character Cards
Character Favor Box
Charmtastic Bracelet
Cheesecloth Ghost
Chenille Daisy
Chenille Flower
Cherish Baby Card
Cherry Blossom Card
Cherry Blossom Court Hair Clips
Cherry Blossom Lantern
Cherry Blossom Note Holder
Cheryls Pulley Card
Chichi Dango
Chinese New Year's Earrings
Chip off the Old Block
Choco Bunny
Christmas Angel
Christmas Beaded Tree
Christmas Bell Necklaces
Christmas Candy Bouquet
Christmas Clear Pail
Christmas Countdown
Christmas Etching
Christmas in July
Christmas Night Light
Christmas Owl
Christmas Pals
Christmas Pals 2008
Christmas Slippahs
Christmas Tags in Holder
Christmas Tree Beaded Pencil Topper
Christmas Tree Card
Christmas Tree Earrings
Cigar Box Game
Clear Pail with Topper
Clear Pinwheel
Clear Tube Treat Holder
Clothespin Kokeshi Doll
Clown Puppet
Communication Board
Communication Board 2009
Communication Sqaures
Computer Angel
Container Album
Cookie Bag
Cookie Bouquet
Cookie Card
Cookie Cutter Candles
Cookie Tree
Corner Bookmarkers
Coupon Book
Craft Stick Pal
Creative Clipboard
Crochet Poncho
Crocheted Kitchen Towel Topper
Crown Styro Frame
Crystal Accents
Crystal Flight Bracelet
Crystal Flower Wrist Lei
Cupcake Box
Cupcake Bracelet
Cupcake Card
Cupcake Charm
Cupcake Ornament
Cupcake Pencil Topper
Cupcake Toppers
Cute as a Button Bracelet
Dads Memo Board
Daisy Can
Dazzling Curtain
Deco Dog Tag
Deco Mesh Ghost
Deco Mesh Heart Wreath
Decorated Frame
Decorated Pillow Boxes
Decorated Scrapbook Canvas
Decorated Wooden Stool
Decorative Memo Pad
Decoupage Canvas
Delightful Friends Pins
Designer Purse Box
Dogwood Vase
Doll Pin Card Holder
Domino Art Pins
Domino Necklace
Doodle Frame
Door Hanger Favor
Doorhanger Reminder
Double Slider Gift Card Holder
Dragonfly Button Pendant
Dragonfly Keychain
Dragonfly Knot
Dragonfly Pin
Dragonfly Stencil Card
Dream Catch
Duct Tape Bow
Duct Tape Rose
Duct Tape Wallet
Earth Day Pin
Earths Elements
Easter Basket
Easter Basket Card
Easter Basket Card Keiki
Easter Bunny Figure
Easter Bunny Pin
Easter Bunny Treat Holder
Easter Card
Easter Egg Pin
Easter Surprise Card
Easter Sweet Treats
Easter Treat Holder
Egg Album
Egg Buddy
Egg Frame
Egg Holder
Egyptian Bracelet
Elegant Wedding Invitation
Embossed Heart Card
Embossed Love Card
Embossed Love Frame
Embossed Mom Christmas Tag
Embossed Red Velvet Heart Card
Emebellished Link Bracelet
Enjoy Being a Girl Earrings
Etched Leaves Vase
Etched Wine Glass
Explosion Box
EZ Christmas Card
EZ Easter Basket
EZ Ornament
Ez Treat Bag
Fabric Craft Bamboo Basket
Fall Angel Pin
Fall Cylinder Vase
Fall Dangle Bracelet
Fall Gallery Glass Vase
Fall Leaf Card
Falling Leaves Necklace
Fan Card
Fancy Leaf Card
Father's Day Card
Father's Day Card 2007
Father's Day Card 2010
Fathers Day Sign
Faux Sugar Eggs
Faux Tombstone
Favor Bag
Feather Earrings
Felt Pumpkin Pincushion
Felted Bunny Pin
Felted Honu
Finger Puppet
Fish Bead Bracelet
Fish Favor Box
Fish Favor Box 2009
Five Petal Flower
Five Petal Star Flower
Floating Heart Anklet
Flocked Halloween Place Cards
Flocked Purse MoneyHolder Gift Bag
Floral Scrapbook Page
Floral Wrap Wreath
Floral Wrapper Angel
Floral Wrapper Bunny
Floral Wrapper Ghost
Floral Wrapper Wreath
Flower Bud Holder
Flower Clip
Flower Pen Holder
Flower Pin
Flower Tube Party Favor
Flower Wand
Flowered Purse Card
Fluffles Christmas Baking Card
Fluffles Jingle Tag
Fluffles Noel Card
Foam Flowers
Folded Mini Scrapbook Page
Fortune Cookie
Four Leaf Clover
Frankenstein and Mummy Treat Pot
Frankie Box
Frankie Monster Treat Tube
Frankie Wheatberry
Freedom Angel Pin
French Fry Bat Box
Friendship Bracelet
Friendship Flower Card
Friendship Flower Foam Frame
Frog Pen Pal
Frosty Pal
Fun Paper Clips
Funky Face Pin
Fuzzy Project
Fuzzy Valentine Card
Garden Bug Stake
Garden Bunny
Garden Fairy Pin
Ghost Treat Jar
Gift Card Holder
Gift Card Holder 2009
Ginger Bread Card
Ginger Bread Card 2
Ginger Bread House Card
Gingerbread Ornament
Girl's Day Craft
Girl's Day Craft 2010
Girls Day Doll
Girl's Day Pin
Give Thanks Window Card
Glass Block Project Ideas
Glass Cub Frankie
Glass Flower Bracelet
Glass Pebble Noteholders
Glass Tile Pendant
Glitter Deer
Glitter Heart Tin Can
Glitter It Card
Glitter Ornament
Glow-in-the-Dark Pin
Gobbles Card Holder
Good Luck Card 2005
Good Luck Charm
Good Luck Charm Card
Goodie Bag
Grad Photo Frame Card
Grad Tube Favor
Graduation Bear
Graduation Bubble Card
Graduation Card
Graduation Card Box
Graduation Centerpiece
Graduation Cigar Box
Graduation Favor
Graduation Favor Box
Graduation Frame
Graduation Goode Can
Graduation Gown Card
Graduation Keepsakes Box
Grandparent's Card
Grandparent's Day Card
Grandparent's Day Card 2009
Gratitude Autumn Leaf Card
Green on Safari Outfit
Gum Packet Favor
Gumball Machine Ornament
Hair Scrunchie
Haku Angel Pin
Halloween Book Page
Halloween Candle Vase
Halloween Card
Halloween Critters
Halloween Matchbook Mini Album
Halloween Skeleton Wreath
Halloween Treat Bag
Halloween Treat Box
Halloween Treat Holder
Halloween Tube-A-Licious
Halloween Vellum Lantern
Halloween Wreath Witch Legs
Happy Camper
Happy Halloween Card
Happy Halloween Haunting Card
Happy Heart Card
Happy Heart Pin
Happy Holidays Penguin Card
Happy Holidays Santa Card
Happy Kitty Fan
Harmony Vase
Harvest Card
Hawaiian Angel
Hawaiian Cigar Box Purse
Heart and Star Crimped Ornament
Heart Bracelet
Heart Pin
Hearty Bear
Hearty Clay Bunny Pin
Hearty Clay Easter Bunny
Hello Kitty Bookmark Clips and Holder
Hello Kitty Bow Pin
Hello Kitty Cupcake Treat Box
Hello Kitty Hot Air Balloon Ornament
Hello Kitty Paper Mache Box
Hi Baby Card
Hibiscus Pick
Holiday Angel
Holiday Candlescaping
Holiday Candy Cane Pin
Holiday Card
Holiday Card 08
Holiday Card 2007
Holiday Cardmaking
Holiday Cupcake Toppers
Holiday Door Knob Frame
Holiday Door Knob Frame2
Holiday Doorknob Frame
Holiday Earrings
Holiday Gift Bag
Holiday Gift Tags
Holiday Gift Tags 2
Holiday Holder
Holiday Kitty
Holiday Paper Chain Garland
Holiday Planner
Holiday Reflections Vase
Holiday Sweet Treats
Holly Card Tag
Home Decor Can
Homework Door Sign
Honu Lauhala Basket
Honu Magnet
Honu Magnet 2007
Honu Windchime
Honu Windchime with Butterflies
Huggy Bunny
Hula Bear
Hula Bear Pin
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Magnet
I Double Dagger You Bracelet
I Love You Bear Designer
I Love You Card
I Love You Scrapbook
Ice Cream Cone Charm
Ice Cream Cone Magnet
Ice Cream Pin
Ice Cream Pin 2009
Interchangeable Necklace
Iris Folding Tree Cards
Island Soap
Its Coming Up Roses
Jingle Bell Ornament
Jolly X-Mas Cans
Joyful Snowflake Can
Jumbo Frog
Kid Box
Kimono Card
Kimono Doll Air Freshener
Kimono Girl 2009
Kissable Scrapbook
Kitty Bag
Kitty Fan
Kodomo's Fabulous Faceted Art Book
Kodomo's Keepsake Pocket Purse Book
Kokeshi Doll Favor Box
Kokeshi Doll Lollipop Cover
Kokeshi Doll Pin
Krispy Treat Pops
Kumihimo Bracelet
Lace Heart Tag
Lauhala Baskets
Lava Bead Inlaid Teardrop Necklace
Leibook Grad Cap Favor
Leibook Pop Up Card
Leprechaun Magnet
Let It Snow
Lil Birdie Ornament
Lil Buggy Puppet
Lil' Fish Book
Lil' Friendly Ghost
Listen To Your Heart Card
Little Birdie Treat Sack
Little Bunny
Lollipop Bat
Lollipop Cover
Lollipop Favors
Lollipop Favors 2011
Lots of Love Wine Charm and Napkin Ring
Love Blooms Here
Love is in the Air...
Love My Stuff Treasure Box
Love Notes Valentine Tin Can
Lucky Bracelet
Lucky Clover Favor
Lucky Mouse
Lucky Pin
Luggage Tag Slippah
Lumina Asian Pin Magnet
Lumina Hawaiian Magnet
Lunch Bag Bunny
Mail Sorter Storage Can
Manuscript Washi Card
Marble Magnet
Marble Magnet 2009
Marble Memo Clip
Marbleized Ornament
Matchbox Mouse
Melted Snowman
Memo Holder Magnet
Memorial Day Pin
Memory Clock
Memory Holder
Memory Tree
Memory Wire Bracelet
Memory Wire Ring
Menu Board
Metal Chain Bracelet
Mini Birthday Book
Mini Book
Mini Book Pendant
Mini Gourd Ornament
Mini Marble Magnet
Mini Memory Album
Mini Pail
Mini Plumeria Soap Favor
Mini Pocket File
Mini Purse Scrapbook
Mini Scarecrow
Mini Scrapbook
Mini Scrapbook 2012
Mini Scrapbook Case
Mini Stocking Treat Bag
Mom & Me Duckies
Mom's Day Corsage
Mom's Jewelry Box
Monkey Pen Topper
Monkey Photo Frame
Monogram Birthday Card
Mother's Day Banner
Mother's Day Card 2
Mother's Day Card 2009
Mother's Day Doorknob Frame
Mother's Day Gift Box
Mothers Day Paperweight
Mother's Day Pendant Pin
Mother's Day Pin 2007
Mug Treat Holder
Multi Panel Folded Card
Musubi Ornament
My Journal
My Mini Art Gallery
Mystic Mask
Nature's Beauty Winter Card
Nestabilities Goodie Bag
Net Scrubbies
Never Ending Halloween Card
New Year's Clock Card
New Year's Mochi Can
Noel Card
Noel Christmas Card
Noel Tag
Note & Pen Pal
Notebook Cover
Noteholder Pal
Nut Cracker Soldier Beaded Pencil Topper
O Christmas Tree
One Stroke Bunny Basket
One Stroke Hawaiian Tote
Open Windows Scrapbook Page
Oriental Dragonfly Card
Origami Card
Origami Heart
Ornament Album
Ornament Ball Wreath
Owl Basket
Owl Hair Clip
Owl Pencil Top
Owl-leen Party Favor
Ox Magnet
Palm Tree Candy Wand
Panda Jar
Panda Pen Holder
Panda Pin
Paper Angel
Paper Fan
Paper Flower
Paper Mache Cupcake Ornament
Paper Mache Keepsake Box
Paper Mache Letter
Paper Pinecone Ornament
Paper Pumpkin
Paper Puppet
Paper Tree
Paper Tree 2010
Paper Wallet
Paracord Bracelet
Patriot Pin
Patriot Pin 2007
Pearl Bracelet
Pearls of Elegance
Peek-A-Boo Card
Pencil Pin Wheel
Penguin Lollipop Cover
Penguin Magnet
Penguin Ornament
Peppermint Ball Christmas Bracelet
Peppermint Gallery Glass Jar
Personalized Baby Album
Personalized Pendants
Photo Frame
Photo Ornament
Picture Memory Clock
Pilgrim Pin
Pineapple Pin
Pineapple Treat Basket
Pink Flower Bead Bracelet
Pink Flower Card
Playful Puppet
Playtime Honu
Plumeria Pick
Pocket Posie Planner
Pocket Tissue Holder
Polar Penguin
PolyTubing Rose
Pom-Pom Spider
Pony Bead Necklace
Popsicle Ice Cream Bar Card
Postage Stamp Holder
Post-It Note Holder
Pumpkin Basket
Pumpkin Kitty Pin
Pumpkin Pal
Pumpkin Photo Centerpiece
Pumpkin Pot Chime
Punch Art Favor
Punched Christmas Tree Card
Punched Snowman Card
Puppy Card
Puppy Love Can
Puppy Photo Frame
Puppy Pin
Purple Heart Card
Purse Album
Purse Card
Quick & Easy Favor
QuickLinks Jewelry
QuicKutz Project
Racecar Favor Box
Rag Fleece Throw
Rainbow Luminaries
Recipe Box
Recycled CD Birthday Card
Red Foil Heart Card
Reindeer Lollipop Cover
Reindeer Ornament
Reindeer Pal
Reindeer Penguin Cowbell
Reindeer Pin
Reindeer Pin 2009
Reindeer Take Out Box
Retro Hawaiian Hibiscus Card
Ribbon Angels
Ribbon Board
Ribbon Fish
Ribbon Holder Box
Ribbon Shopping Bag Money Card
Ribbon Slide Heart Bracelet
Ribbon Spool Keepsake Mini Album
Ribbon Tree
Ribbon Tree 2011
Ribbon Wreath
Rollabind Scrapbook
Rosalines Earrings
Rose Pot
Rosette Tree
Royal Pomegranate Ring
Sakura Scubbies
Samurai Helmet Pin
Sand Candle
Santa and Me Scrapbook Page
Santa Card Holder
Santa Photo Board
Santa Sack
Santa Scrapbook Page
Scarecrow Pin
Scented Bear and Wreath
Scented Cookie
Scrapbook on Canvas
Sealed with a Kiss Album
Seaside Cylinder Vase
Seaside Cylinder Vase 2
Season's Aloha Fern Card
Season's Greeting Card
Season's Greetings Card
Season's Greetings Ornament
Sei Hippy Chick Page
Serpentine Bracelet
Shadow Box Ornament
Shaggy Bear Pillow
Shaker Card
Shaker Card Candy Holder
Shaker Ice Cube Ornament
Shaker Sea Shell Card
Shamrock Cards
Shave Ice Birthday Card
Shave Ice Pin
Shirt & Tie Memo Pad
Shirt Tie Card
Shrink Art Bracelet
Side Step Gift Card
Silly Bug Magnet
Silly Glasses Scrapbook Page
Silverplated Blossom Necklace
Simple Card
Sisters Are Forever Scrapbook Page
Sizzle Cake Box
Slide Mount Tag
Slide Pin Magnet
Slippah Luggage Tag
Slippahs Greeting Wall Hanger
Slipper Shrink Art Pin Magnet
Slippers Flip Flops Card
S'mores Gift Tag
Snack Clip
Snowball Fight in a Can
Snowflake Card
Snowflake Favor
Snowman and Christmas Tree Ornament
Snowman Beaded Pencil Topper
Snowman Buddy
Snowman Candy Jar
Snowman Card Holder
Snowman Centerpiece
Snowman Embossed Card
Snowman Gift Tag
Snowman Glass Block
Snowman Pin
Snowman Treat Sack
Snowman Wreath
Sparkling Snow Flake Card
Sparkling Snow Flake Gift Tag
Special Moment's Fall Card
Spider Dartboard
Spider Favor Box
Spinner Card
Spirit of the Season Money Card
Spookie Boo-quet
Spring Basket
Spring Bird House
Spring Clip
Spring Flower Magnet
Spring Frame
Spring Frame 2010
Spring in my Step Card
Spring Mug
Spring Paper Clip
Spring Picture Frame
Stamped Flower Holder
Stamped Hearty Clay Magnet
Star Box
Star Fleece Blanket
Star Jar
Star Mini Book
Star Pin
Star Pin 2006
Starflower Lei
Stars Scrapbook page
Statehood Frame
Stencil Card
Straw Lei with Beads
Straw Lei with Beads 2009
Stretchy Ring
Styrofoam Caterpillar
Suede Crystal Bracelet
Sugar and Spice Bracelet
Sugar Plum Fairy
Sugar Plum Fairy Beaded Pencil Topper
Summer Fan
Summer Fun Easel Card
Summer Gecko
Summer Planner
Summer Strawberry
Sunflower Card
Sweet Shoppe Candy Dispenser
Sweet Treat Clay Cookies
Sweet Treat Ornament
Sweet Treat Pin
Sweet Treats
Sweet Treats Box
Sweet Treats Bunny
Sweet Treats Duck
Sweetheart Charm Bracelet
Sweetheart Fairy
Sweetheart Favor
Sweetheart Pin
Sweetheart Pin 2007
Sweetie Bear
Swirling Card
Tag Book Fan Clip
Tag Cards
Teacher Gift
Teacher's Mug
Ted E Bear
Temari Beach Ball Charm
Tent Style Treatholder
Thank You Card
Thanksgiving Frame
Tic Tac Toe
Tie Dye Egg
Tin Cans
Tin Characters
Tin Lady Bug
Tinkerbell Can
Tinsel Pom Pom Spider
Tissue Box Holder
Tote-Tin Lunch Box
Travel Journal
Treasure Photo Box
Treat Bag Topper with Sizzix Die
Treat Box
Treat Favor Sacks
Treat Holder
Treat Tube Holder
Treatholder 2012
Tropical Artsy Can
Tropical Glass Vase
Turkey Favor
Turkey Magnet
Turkey Photo Magnet
Turkey Placecard Holder
Turtle Pin 2009
Twisted Ribbon Tree
Valentine Day Card
Valentine Favor Box
Valentine Heart Earrings
Valentine Illusion Card
Valentine Paper Heart Box
Valentine Treat Holder
Valentine Wand
Valentine's Day Card
Valentine's Day Heart Pillows
Valentine's Day Snack Set
Valentine's Sweet Treats Magnets
Vegas Lucky Charms
Vellum Lantern
Vintage Glass Button Bracelet
Wall Rack
Washi Eggs
Washi-Covered Bead Bracelet
Water Globe Critter
Watercolor Flowers Card
Waterfall Earrings
Waterfront Deco Mesh Wreath
Watermelon Pin
Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve
Wedding Favor Candle
Wedding Heritage Scrapbook Page
Welcome Baby Pail
Whale Tissue Holder
Whatever Clock
Whimsy Ornament
Whimsy Snowmen Ornaments
White Bunny
Wild 4 You Card
Wire and Bead Photo/Note Holder
Wire Crochet Bracelet
Wire Mesh Charm Bracelet
Witch Basket
Witches Black Hat
Witch's Hat Favor
Witchy Kitty
With Love Coupon Book
Wood Letter Decor
Wooden Animal Rack
Wooden Christmas Ornament
Wooden Stool
Wreath Gift Tag
Xmas Countdown Clipboard
X-Mas in July Angel
Year of the Monkey Pin
Year of the Mouse Pin
Year of the Ox Pin
Year of the Pig Magnet & Pin
Year of the Rabbit Key Ring
Year of the Rat Calendar
Year of the Rat Magnet
Year of the Rat Pencil Topper
Year of the Rat Phone Charm
Year of the Tiger Magnet
Year of the Tiger Pin
Yellow Chinese Coin Card
Yo Yo Tree
You and Me Card
You Are My Sunshine Scrapbook Page
You Did It Graduation Card