"12 Days 'Til Christmas" Decoration


Two 12” x 12” white Strathmore Bristol (poster board)

Twelve plain white matchboxes (1” x 2-1/16”)

Gingerbread house sticker (Jolee’s Boutique)

12” x 12” Teeny Tiny Holly scrapbook paper (Frances Meyer)

12” x 12” Christmas Stripes scrapbook paper (Frances Meyer)

12” x 12” Wreathe scrapbook paper (Frances Meyer)

6-1/2” x 3” red card stock (Paper Accents)

1 pkg. Dress It Up Holiday Collection Christmas Miniatures (or any
  pkg.Dress It Up Holiday Collection with at least 12tiny pieces)

4 ft. 1” wide striped ribbon (Ribbon by the Spool) or any 1” wide
   Christmas ribbon

Twelve 3” pieces 24 gauge black wire (Bits and Pieces)

One roll ” wide Terrifically Tacky Tape (Art Accents)

Mono Aqua glue (Tombo)

Mono Adhesive (permanent) (Tombo)

Sharpie fine point black marker (Sanford)


Eyelet hole punch medium size or awl

Small hammer

Eyelet setting mat


Needlenose plier


Cut the Bristol (poster board) into two 6” x 6” pieces. On one of the pieces apply four strips of Terrifically

Tacky Tape about ” from the edges. Lay the matchboxes on the taped poster board in the pattern shown

in Figure 1.

Cut the ribbon into two 2 ft. pieces and adhere them to the top of the other poster board piece using Terrifically

Tacky Tape. Join the back poster board (the one with the ribbon) to the piece (with the matchboxes) again

using the Tacky Tape.

Cut the Teeny Tiny Holly paper into a 6” x 6” piece and tape it on the front of the poster board/match

box panel using Mono Adhesive tape or any double stick tape.

Cut ” strips from the Christmas Stripes paper so that the stripes go across the ” strips. Adhere the strips to

the edge of the panel using Mono Adhesive tape.

Align a corner of the Wreathe paper in the lower right-hand corner of the striped border and cut in a gentle

sloping shape. Tape this hill shaped piece to the holly paper already taped down to the panel.

Using the banner pattern, cut out a piece from the leftover Bristol (poster board). Lay this cut out white banner

over the 6”x 3” piece of red paper and cut around the banner so that a 1/8” border of red paper shows. Tape

the white banner onto the red, write out “12 Days ‘til Xmas” on the white banner using the Sharpie pen. Tape

both of the banners to the matchbox panel. (If you cannot find the Christmas Miniatures package with the

gingerbread man buttons, disregard these steps and simply glue a tiny shankless Christmas Holiday

Collection button to the front of each matchbox.)

Pull out the drawers from all of the matchboxes and punch out a small hole in the middle of the drawer front

using the eyelet punch or an awl. Press the gingerbread man button (Dress It Up Christmas miniatures)

into the hole made in each matchbox drawer. String a piece of wire through each button hole shank and

twist wire ends with needle nose pliers cutting off ends, if necessary.

Adhere Jolee’s stickers to the panel and glue leftover Christmas miniatures with Mono Aqua glue, following

the project picture.

Line each matchbox drawer with leftover Christmas Stripe paper (1-15/16” x 1-1/4” pieces).

Tie ribbon into a bow and cut ends if necessary.

Hang the 12 Days ‘til Xmas decoration on a doorknob and fill each box with candy, coins, or even a

diamond ring!



2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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