2004 Calendar


12 – 3” x 4” Light Colored cardstock

(cut from a 12” x12” cardstock)

2 – 3” x 4” Colored Cardstock for the covers

2 – small Rollabind Discs

Pre-printed calendar sheet

Assorted rubberstamps and inkpads

Tacky Glue or double stick tape

Rollabind Punch & binding system


Download and print the calendar pages.

The calendar will be 4” across and 3” vertically. Align the cardstock pieces to be punched. Place the cardstock into the punch until it is about 1/8” away from the center notch. Punch and you should have only one hole about ” from the edge. Turn the cardstock over and punch the other side the same way. Now you have your two holes for the binding discs. Punch all of the cardstock pieces this way.

Take each cardstock and decorate by rubberstamping all over. Don’t forget to decorate the 2 cover pieces, too.

Carefully cut apart the calendar sheets into the separate months. Center the individual months onto the 12 cardstock pieces. Carefully glue or tape each calendar month to each cardstock, making sure the holes are on the top edge.

Place the months in order with a cover on each end. Roll the discs into the holes as stated in the Rollabind instructions. Your calendar is now complete and ready to use for the 2004. 

Don’t forget to mark all the Saturdays for Keiki Club!

2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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