2010 Desk Calendar

Color / Print Paper
Double-sided tape
Glue Stick
Paper Trimmer
Bind-it All



Cut color or print paper to 4” X 4” squares (you will need 12, one for every month). Using the Bind-it All, punch holes on one edge of the pages (double check to be sure the paper is facing the way you would like it to face).

Cut out the calendar pages for each month. Attach the calendar pages to the paper pages using the glue stick.


Create Cover:

Cut chipboard to 4” X 4” (2 pieces). Cover chipboard with color or print paper. Using the Bind-it All, align and punch holes on one edge only of each chipboard cover. Place double-sided tape on the edge of the chipboard cover opposite the side that has the holes.


Create Base:

Cut paper 4” X 3.5”. Going parallel to the 4” edge, score ” from each edge and 1.75” from an edge (center). Mountain fold . Attach the Chipboard covers to the Base paper by aligning at the ” edge and tape down.


Create calendar: Place calendar pages and chipboard covers in order. Cut sufficient O-wire, place covers/pages in holes.


*For larger calendars which you can embellish with pockets/post-it notes, etc.: 5” X 7” Calendar: Cover/Pages: 5” X 7”. Base 7”L X 5”W; parallel to 7” edge, score ” from each edge and 2’1/2 “ from one edge (center). 12” X 12” Calendar: Cover/Pages: 12” X 12”. Base: 12”L X 6”W; parallel to 12” edge, score 1” from each edge and 3” from one edge (center).


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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