5 Petal Nylon Netting Flower


1 qty. Package of Nylon Netting – your color choice

1 qty. Package of Londy Wire (Thick Or Thin)– coordinate color to netting

Sewing Thread G

reen Floral tape #77479402


Optional: Green floral wire to lengthen stem



Sharp scissors

Wire Cutters #30056202 Nylon

Tool Kit #30068904  




Decide how large you want the flower to be and choose a ring size for the petals accordingly from the Nylon Tool Kit. To make a petal, leave about 1” – 1.5” from the end, and wrap the Londy wire around the plastic ring. Twist the ends together to secure and cut off the excess wire. Slide the wire circle off the ring. Repeat for the other four petals.


Take each wire piece and pull the mid point out a little to elongate, forming the petal shape. Place the petal part of the wire piece onto the nylon netting with the twisted wire stem extending below. Stretch the nylon over the entire piece. Make sure that the netting is completely covering the petal shape. Gather the ends of the nylon at the bottom around the stem. Take a double-think length of sewing thread and wrap around the bottom of the petal several times. This secures the netting in place. Cut off the excess thread. Trim off the excess netting. It is not necessary to make a knot. When you release the netting, it stretches and locks the thread in place. Repeat for the other four petals.


After you have made all five petals, it is time to form your flower. Place two petals together. Take a long double-thick thread and wrap the stems together at the base of the petals. Now, add the third petal on the bottom, slightly peeking out on the right hand side. Wrap more thread to secure. Next, place the fourth petal on top, slightly peeking out on the left hand side. Wrap more thread to secure. Place the last petal on the bottom, slightly coming out on the left hand side. Wrap more thread. Take the thread and weave it in and out through the wire stems to secure. Cut off excess thread.


Slowly fold down each petal, carefully shaping your flower. Have each petal slightly overlap onto the next petal, following the same direction.


Finishing: Wrap the end of the wire with the floral tape. If you want, you can add a length of floral wire to elongate the stem. Wrap with floral tape.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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