Black & White 70s-Look Bracelet


One sheet canvas white Poly Shrink (Lucky Squirrel)

Delta Style Set - Whimsical Dog (Rubber Stampede)

Staz On jet black ink pad

Five black and white "diameter glass beads (Blue Moon)

Square silver toggle clasp (Blue Moon)

Silver base metal 5mm jump rings and 1" eye pins

Two or three 4-5mm silver beads (Cousins or Blue Moon)

Black fine point Sharpie pen (Sanford)

Fine grade sand paper



Two small pliers (one round nose, one flat)

Wire cutter

Regular paper hole punch

Pin tool or tweezers

Heat gun

Heat proof mat



Sand one side of the white Poly Shrink sheet and stamp the dog image onto it four times.  If there are any uninked spots, touch them up with the Sharpie pen.

After the ink is dry, cut out the dog images rounding off the corners and punching two holes on the sides of each piece using the hole puncher.

Using the heat gun, shrink down the plastic over a heat-proof mat, holding the piece steady with the tip of a pin tool or tweezers.

Once the piece has shrunk down and is fairly flat, fold the heat-proof mat over the plastic and press it with something flat.

Place an eye pin in each of the black and white beads and make a loop on the other side using round nose pliers and cutting off the extra wire.

Do the same thing with the two silver beads.

Link the bracelet plastic pieces and beads

Together with the jump rings, adjusting the length by adding or subtracting beads, making sure that the toggle clasp will accommodate the two silver beads and allow for easy closure of the bracelet.

2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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