Candy Rose


2 qty. Hershey Kiss candies

1 qty. 5” x 5” cellophane (color of choice)
1 qty. rosebud calyx-medium 30004575

9” Floral wire-18 gauge 30071459

1 qty. single or triple rose leaves 77959766 or 7769782 or 77857581 or 77857599

Optional-5/8” sheer ribbon (color of choice) for bow if desired




Scotch Tape

Green Floral Tape 77479402

Wire cutters





Place the 2 Hershey Kisses candies together with the flat sides touching. Wrap the 2 candy kisses with the cellophane. Cut 4 ” cross-sectional slits around the hole at the bottom of the calyx. Twist the bottom of the cellophane and insert it through the hole at the bottom of the calyx.


Cut the floral wire in half. Insert the floral wire into the twisted portion of the cellophane, but be careful not to pierce through the candy. Tape the twisted portion of the cellophane to the floral wire with a small piece of Scotch tape.


Beginning at the base of the rose, wrap approximately 3”of the floral tape around the floral wire stem. Add the rose leaves and continue wrapping the stem with the floral tape until you reach the end of the floral wire.


Tie on a bow if desired with the ribbon.


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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