Lucky Bracelet


1) Four 4x6mm faceted jasper rondelle beads

2) One 15x20mm rounded rectangular moss agate bead

3) Five 5x8mm prehnite faceted nuggets beads

4) One 10x15mm faceted teardrop prehnite bead

5) Three 3mm Hill Tribe faceted sterling silver beads

6) Two 4mm daisy sterling silver beads

7) Three 6mm sterling silver jump rings

8) Two 7mm closed sterling silver jump rings

9) One 8mm sterling silver jump ring

10) Two 1x2 sterling silver crimp tube beads

11) 10” of .015 diameter 19 strand silver plated Beadalon stringing wire

12) One 3” piece of 20 gauge sterling silver round wire

13) 20 gauge sterling silver round wire to form ‘lucky’



1) Two jewelry round nose pliers

2) Jewelry wire cutters

3) Crimping tool

4) Jeweler’s hammer

5) Jeweler’s anvil

6) Beadalon wire rounder or files




1) Form the word ‘lucky’ with the 20 gauge wire so that it is about 1-3/8” long.

2) Make a loop at the bottom of the ‘L’ and one at the top of the ‘Y’ for the jump rings.

3) With the hammer gently tap the sterling word on the anvil to flatten and harden it.

4) Refer to the photo to string the beads on the silver plated Beadalon wire.

5) String a crimp bead on each end of the wire and loop wire end through a closed 7mm jump ring and then back into the crimp bead.

6) Pass both wire ends through a few strung beads and pull wires to make the beads snug.

7) Use the crimping tool to secure the crimps and then cut off the excess wire.

8) Bend the 3”piece of 20 gauge sterling wire in half.

9) Fold up one wire end to make a small loop about “ from the end of the wire.

10) Wrap the other wire end around the base of the small loop.

11) Wrap the small loop wire end around the base of the loop too.

12) Cut off the excess wire.

13) Form the original bent part of the wire into a hook shape.

14) Attach a 6mm jump ring to the hook and a closed jump ring on the strung bead strand.

15) Attach a 6mm jump ring to the top of the ‘Y’ and the 8mm jump ring.

16) Attach another 6mm jump ring to the bottom of the ‘L’ and the closed jump ring on the other end of the bead strand.



1) If you have a curved wrist-sized form (wood or smooth metal) use it to shape the word instead of a flat anvil so that the bracelet will fit better.

2) If you cannot find the exact beads at Ben Franklin Crafts, just use any pleasing green beads and make the beaded part of the bracelet 3-3/4” long.

3) The word ‘Lucky’ should be about 1-3/8” long for a 6-3/4” bracelet.

4) If the ends of the wire forming ‘lucky’ are rough use the file or wire rounder.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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