Poly Tubing Rose


1 qty. Approx. 36” of 2” or 3” Poly Tubing – your color choice

1 qty. 20 gauge Green floral Wire for stem #77479311

1 qty. Large Rose Calyx #30004573

Green Floral tape #77479402

Scotch tape

Optional: satin leaves, ribbon for bow




Wire Cutter #77819151







Note: You will work with the poly tubing folded in half lengthwise to give it more body.


Leaving about a 2” tail at the end facing downwards, fold the tubing at an angle as shown. (Fig.1)


Tightly roll the left outside point towards the folded center, forming the center “bud” of the rose. (Fig.2)


Now you will begin to roll and fold the remaining tubing to form the rose petals. This step is done together in one motion as you roll and turn the rose. With the tail below, hold the formed bud tightly in your left hand. Take the poly tubing in your right hand and fold the ribbon along the outside at a sharp right angle. (Fig. 3) Roll the bud along the folded edge until it is almost at the fold. Fold the tubing along the outside again at a sharp right angle.


Continue this fold and roll motion until the rose petals are formed and you have just about 2” left of tubing. (Fig. 4)Twist together the remaining tubing with the first tail. Use a small piece of tape to hold together for now. (Fig. 5)


Slip the rose calyx under the rose by sliding the tubing tails through the hole. Trim the hole to make it larger if you needed to fit the tubing through.


Slip a floral wire between the tubing tails for the stem. Wrap the stem with floral tape, making sure to cover below the calyx. As you work your way down, this is where you can add optional satin leaves to the stem. Add a bow to the stem if desired.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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