Acetate Favor Box

2 qty. 3” x 3” Cardstock for top and bottom
1 qty. 8 ” x 3 ” Clear Acetate #30086639
2 qty. 8 ” x 1 ” Patterned Paper
1 qty. 2 ” x 2 ” Patterned Paper for top of box
12” of ” satin or printed ribbon
” Double Stick tape #30013284
Goodies for box
Optional: Other embellishments for box

Paper trimmer #30017631
Scoring tools (Paper Creaser #30003774and Metal edge ruler Sharp Scissors
Fine Pt. Marker
1/8” Hole Punch #77178541

NOTE: The sample shown used the Sizzix Big Shot #30083658 and Hello Kitty Scallop Border die #30091241 to create the Paper trim around the top and bottom of the box.

Diagram 1



Take the 3” x 3” cardstock squares and measure in 1/2” from all four sides and score. Snip to the scored line at all four points creating tabs (fig. A)


Place a small piece of double stick tape on all four tabs. Fold Up sides, adhering the tabs to create the box top and bottom (fig. B)


Starting at one edge and going across lengthwise, score the acetate piece every 1 15/16”. You will end up with four sections and one small strip at the end (fig. C)


Apply double stick tape along the outside bottom of the whole piece. Apply double stick tape vertically on the strip at the end (fig. C) Fold into a box shape with the strip on the end overlapping one side. Remove the protective covering from the tape and adhere the vertical strip to the side. You will have a box shaped tube. Remove the protective covering from the tape and adhere the acetate box to the inside of one of the cardstock box pieces.


Add a strip of patterned paper around the box bottom with double stick tape. You can create a decorative edge to your paper by using Fiskar Paper Edgers, decorative blade on your trimmer or cut out a die cut strip as in the sample shown.


Place the other cardstock box on the top of the acetate box for the cover. Add a strip of pattered paper around the cover, but do not tape cover to the box. Remove box top and punch a hole on two opposite sides for the ribbon to go through. Place the cover back onto the box and mark the placement of the holes onto the acetate with a fine tip marker. Remove the cover and punch the holes in the acetate.


Fill the box with treats. Thread the ribbon straight through the cover, then through the acetate box and coming back out at the other end. Tie ends of the ribbon together, making sure that there is enough ribbon so that the cover can be slided off. The ribbon helps hold the cover in place.


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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