Adopt-a-Dog Pin

Keiki Project



4 ¼” x 4 ¼” Red Foamie #7761 3604

2” x 2 ½” White Foamie #7761 3612

2” x 2” Black Foamie #7761 3620

2 – 10mm Moving Eyes #7766 0845

7mm Black Pom Pom #3000 7021

Black Sharpie Marker #91029

¾” Button magnet #7762 2688or 1” pin back #7740 3337/#7712 6987

Low Temp Glue Gun #7753 6417 & Glue Sticks #7753 3638








Trace and cut out pieces from foamies according to the patterns. Make sure you cut out the center of the heart.


Place the two eyes onto the dog’s head and glue in place. Place the black 7mm pom pom below the eyes for the nose and glue in place.


Arrange the ears behind the top of the dog’s head and glue to the back.


Place the dog’s head inside of the heart frame, making sure the ears or part of the dog overlaps the frame. Place the two paws below the dog’s head. Glue dog and paws to the frame.


Optional: you can use the black Sharpie marker to write along the frame “Love Me Love My Dog”


Glue the button magnet behind the frame. Or you can glue a pin back behind to wear as a pin.




© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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