Aloha Bear Centerpiece


4” x 4” x 7 1/4” Clear Acrylic Box #7723 7669

5” Styrofoam Ball #7760 3324

2 – 2” Styrofoam Balls #7760 3282

3 – 1 1/2” Styrofoam Balls #7760 3274

” Wood Ball #7761 2952

2 – 25mm Moving Eyes #7767 6247

12” x 28” Hawaiian Print fabric

2 pieces of 7 ” x 8” Hawaiian Print fabric

3” Doll Needle #7733 4540 or similar

Acrylic Paint – Mocha Brown #7762 6390

Acrylic Paint – Ivory #7762 4999

Acrylic Paint – Black #7762 4890

1” Foam Brush #7752 7499

1 yard of ruffled lace about 1 ” wide

8” of ” satin ribbon for bow – color match fabric

Crochet Thread

Fiber Fill #7747 9717

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

1 package of Poly Roses




Using the foam brush, paint the 5”, two 2” and two 1 ” “ Styrofoam balls with the Mocha Brown acrylic paint. Let dry.


Using the floral wire, slice the last 1 ” Styrofoam ball in half. Press the edges of the Styrofoam ball in slightly to round the edges. Paint the two halves with the Ivory acrylic paint. Let dry.


Paint the ” wood ball with the Black acrylic paint. Let dry.


Lay the Hawaiian print fabric sown with the wrong side up. Fold up ” along the 28” length on one edge. Fold over one more time and glue down for the hem. Fold the whole fabric in half, right sides together, matching the 12” edges. Glue edges together, forming the center back seam.


Thread your doll needle with about 24” of crochet thread. Double it up on the needle. On the top raw edge of the gown, sew a loose running stitch around the whole length. When you reach the end, pull the threads and gather the fabric. Tie threads together securely. Cut off excess thread. Turn gown right side out and spread gathers evenly.


Place a lot of glue on the center top of the acrylic box cover. Place the gown over the box and glue the gathered area to the center top of the box.


Cut 18” of the ruffled lace. Gather the lace by sewing a running stitch of crochet thread on the top. Pull lace together to form a large yo-yo. Tie thread securely and cut off excess thread. Center the lace yo-yo on the top of the gown and glue in place for the lace collar.


Glue the 5” painted Styrofoam ball onto the center top of the lace collar for the head. Make sure you use enough glue to make it secure.


Next, slightly flatten one side of each of the 2” painted Styrofoam balls. Position on either side of the top of the head for the ears. Glue in place. Place the two 1 ” Ivory halves onto the lower front of the face for the muzzle and glue in place. Glue the two 25mm moving eyes above the muzzle. Glue the black ” wooden ball onto the center of the muzzle for the nose.


For the dress sleeves, take each 7 ” x 8” broadcloth pieces and fold in half with the right sides together, matching the raw edges. Glue the edges together to form a tube. Thread your doll needle with crochet thread and sew a loose running stitch around one raw edge of the tube about ” from the edge. Pull thread to gather the fabric. Tie threads together tightly to secure. Cut off excess thread. Turn tube right side out to form the sleeve. Stuff tube lightly with fiberfill. Thread your needle again and sew a running stitch on the other raw edge of the sleeve. Pull thread together to close sleeve. Tie thread securely and cut off excess. Cut the remaining lace ruffle into 9” lengths. Sew a running stitch at the top to gather. Pull thread and tie securely to form a small yo-yo. Cut off excess thread. Glue the yo-yo over the gathered raw edge of the sleeve. Glue a 1 ” Styrofoam balls to the center of the lace yo-yos for the hands. Position the sleeves onto either side of the bear’s muumuu, below the head. Glue in place.


Tie a bow with the ” satin ribbon. Glue to the center of the lace collar below the bear’s neck.


For the haku lei – Twist the wire ends of the bunches of poly roses together to make a garland. Place on top of the bear’s head around the ears. Save a few roses to attach to the bear’s paws. Glue or pin bear’s paws together and wrap roses on.


Fill the AMAC box with treats and use as gift or party centerpiece!


2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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