Aloha Kitty Tag


1 qty. Dog Tag
1 qty. 4 inch ball chain
23 qty. 3mm round rhinestones in clear
2 qty. 3.2mm flatbacks in jet
1 qty. 3.2mm flatback in lt. rose
1 qty. 10mm flower rhinestone in red

Additional Supplies Needed:
GS Hypo Cement
Clear Packing Tape
Rubbing Alcohol
Paper Towel





1) Clean the tag with rubbing alcohol.
2) Take the template of Aloha Kitty and place under a smooth clear surface.
3) Place the rhinestones and flatbacks over the pattern of the template.
4) Take a 3 inch length of the clear packing tape and cover the crystals making Sure that the rhinestones remain in formation.
5) When you lift up the tape, the pattern will be stuck to the tape while exposing the backing of the rhinestones. Apply the GS Hypo Cement to the exposed backings and then apply the tape to the dog tag.
6) Wait about 15 minutes for the glue to set, then remove the tape. Most of the rhinestones should remain on the dog tag, but if any come off with the tape, just put a small dot of glue where it belongs on the tag and replace the rhinestone.
7) Wait about an hour for the tag to fully cure.



2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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