Aloha Shirt Card


Basic Shirt-
10” x 6” Printed Paper for Shirt
2 – Tiny Buttons #7731 4443 Victorian, #7731 4401 White, #7731 4450 Natural
Tacky Glue #7760 9875
Double Stick Tape #3001 3283

Dad Card –
5.5” x 11” Cardstock for card
Washi Paper scraps for embellishment

Grad Card –
8.5” x 11” Cardstock for card
8” x 5” printed paper for mat
4.5” x 5.5” Cardstock for mat
1.75” x 4.5” Cardstock for word mat
1.25” x 4” printed paper same as shirt
Alphabet rubber stamps
Versamark Ink Pad #7716 9094
Black Embossing Powder #3000 1621
Heat It Tool #3000 3773
Mini Fern roping #3002 6586 or similar for lei

 Note: The Dad sample used paper Francoise Zig Zag #3002 4879.

The Grad sample used paper Mai Tai #3003 5951 for the shirt and Background PYO Gradiant 501 #3003 4119 for the background mat.





 Aloha Shirts - Follow the folding instructions to make the Aloha Shirt. Position two teeny buttons below the collar on the front of the shirt. Glue in place. Optional: You can cut out a small pocket shape from the printed paper and glue on the front of the shirt. Set shirt aside.

 Dad Card - Fold the cardstock in half to make a 5.5” x 5.5” square card. Take a 5” x 2” strip of washi paper and tear along the length of one side. Align the straight edge to the fold of the card and glue washi paper in place. Tear a few smaller strips and glue to the front of the card. Place the Aloha shirt on the front of the card at an angle. Adhere shirt to the card with double stick tape.

 On the inside of the card, you can add a strip of the printed paper you used for the shirt. Add strips of washi paper and write “Happy Father’s Day!”

 Grad Card – Fold the cardstock in half to make a 5.5” x 8.5” card. Center the 8” x 5” printed paper on the front of the card. Adhere to the card with double stick tape. Next, center both the 4.5” x 5.5” and 1.75” x 4.5” cardstock mats on top. The smaller Mat should be on the bottom and leave a space between the mats as in the sample. Adhere mats to card.

 With the alphabet stamps, stamp emboss the word “Congrats!” onto the 1.25” x 4” printed paper. Center onto the smaller cardstock mat and adhere.

 Take about 12” of  mini fern or other garland and drape around shirt like a lei.  Position shirt onto the top cardstock mat at an angle and adhere. Spot glue the lei to hold it down if necessary.

NOTE: A larger shirt can be made by using 8.5” x 11” paper and adjusting your folds

Folding Instructions for the Aloha Shirt

Step 1 -                                        Step 2 -                                         Step 3 -

Take the 6" x 10" printed                 Fold each side edge to the               On the bottom edge, fold

paper and place with the                 center fold crease.                           each corner flap to the

printed side down.                          Crease well. Unfold.                         secondary crease line.

Fold in half. Unfold                                                                               Two triangles will form.





Step 4 -                                        Step 5 -                                        Step 6 -



Fold bottom edge up at                 Fold side edges back                    Fold center point A diagonally

the top edge of the                        to the center fold crease.               to the left side edge.  Crease

triangles.  Crease well.                                                                       well.  The bottom edge will

Unfold                                                                                              start to lift when you do this.





Step 7 -                                          Step 8 -                                                Step 9 -



Fold Center point B                        Fold bottom edge up to meet                Turn shirt over.  Fold

diagonally to the right side               the edges of the corner flaps                  top edge down 3/8"

edge.  Crease well.  The                 and flatten.  Now your shirt                   and crease well.

bottom edge will start to                 sleeves are done.

lift when you do this.





Step 10 -                                          Step 11 -                                          Step 12 -



Fold edge down one                         Fold the side edges in so                    Fold the bottom edge

more time.  Crease well.                   the corners meet at the                       up and tuck under the

turn shirt over again.                         center about 3/8" down                      collar.  Crease the bottom

                                                        from the top edge.  Crease                and flatten.  Now your

                                                        well.  This is your shirt                       shirt is done!






2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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