Alphabet Stamp


Three 2” x 2” pieces of Foamie, any color

” x 3” piece of Foamie, any color

Low temp glue gun and glue sticks

Scratch paper



On the piece of scratch paper, draw out a 2” x 2” box. Within the box, draw out the first initial in your name. Make the letter at least ” thick so you place a handle on it.

When you are happy with your letter, cut it out. Trace the letter onto two of the 2” x 2” pieces of Foamie. Cut letters out. Glue the two letters together.

Place the stacked letter onto the third piece of Foamie, making sure you have the letter upside down. Glue in place. Trim the third Foamie around the letter, leaving a ⅛” border.

Take the ” x 3” strip of Foamie and fold into thirds. Over lap the ends and glue together to form a ring for the handle. Turn letter over so that the third Foamie is facing up. Position the ring handle onto the letter, as close to the center of the letter as possible. Glue in place.

Hold your stamp by the handle and ink the bottom of your stamp. Press inked side down firmly onto your paper. Now you have a personalized stamp!

2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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