Hearty Clay Angel


Hearty Clay: White, Yellow, and Red

Hearty Clay Color Scale

Hearty Clay Scissors

3” of 22 gauge gold wire

4” of 1/8” ribbon

2 small black beads for eyes (seed bead)

Decorator Chalk - pink

Low Temp Glue gun & glue sticks

Pin back or magnet

Plastic wrap for clay


To make the flesh color for the angel, use the color scale. Mix C of yellow, A of red and I of white together. Mix well and leave slay covered in plastic wrap until you are ready to use to keep it from drying out.

Mix I of white with A of red for the dress. You can mix thoroughly and get a solid pink or mix just a little for the marbled look. Pinch off a ball of clay and form into a teardrop shape. Spread clay in your palm, like for the Hearty clay rose petals. Make 3 petals. Layer petals and pinch the point together to form the top of the angel’s dress. The petals flare out to form the bottom of the dress. Set aside.

Use the Color Scale to measure out the clay you will need.  Make 4 balls of flesh clay in Size D. roll balls into ” logs and flatten slightly. Take 2 for hands and place half under the front top of the dress. Place the other 2 for feet peeking out from under the bottom of the dress.

Take a size G ball of flesh for the head. Roll into a ball then flatten to about a ” circle. Place onto the top of the dress above the outstretched arms. Push in 2 small black beads in the face for eyes. Brush on a little of the pink decorator chalk for cheeks.

Make one “rose petal” about 2” wide from white Hearty clay. Push petal in at the center to form a heart shape. Place pointed end behind the angel’s head. This is the angel’s wings. Shape as desired.

Take the 3” of 22 gauge gold wire and form a loop in the middle for the halo, Twist ends together and stick into clay behind the head, positioning halo above angel’s head.

Make a small bow with the 1/8” ribbon and glue below the angel’s neck.

You can glue a pin back or magnet behind the angel. You can also tie a hanger to the halo for use as an ornament.

2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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