Angel Bow Pin


30087527 Bow pin pk 3
30095822 10mm starflakes crystal 60pc
30064907 Round facet bead 8mm-ab pink
30145325 Angel wings 15mm crys 20pc
or 30071727 Angel wings antq slvr
30082486 12mm ab heart beads multi dk
30095601 Brass eye pin 2in nickel 36pc
30090635 Tiny bells 8mm-multi
30037747 Value tool pack3/set




Using the chain nose pliers, open the eye pin and attach a bell then close the eye up again.
Now string on in this order a 12mm heart, an angel wing, an 8mm round bead, and a 10 mm starflake.
Using the wire cutters, trim down the eye pin so that you have about a inch section from the top of your angel.
Using the round nose pliers, create a simple loop with the inch end.
Using the chain nose pliers, open the loop and attach to the ring of the bow pin.




2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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