Anthurium Arrangement


Glass Plate (#7736 7532) or similar low dish/basket
3 – 36” Sword Leaf (#7738 4917)
2 – 26” Red Anthurium (#7776 4332)
2 – 30” Red Anthurium (#7776 4340)
Red/Pink Plumeria stem (#7715 5119)
38” Philo Leaf (#7715 4260)
28.5” Cream/Blush Cymbidium (#7715 4096)
23” Philo Leaf (#7740 0176)
2 – Yellow Oncidium Stem (#7777 8019)
White Oncidium Stem (#7776 0926)
38” Lg. Bird Paradise Leaf (#7740 0234)
Sheet Moss (#3000 4568)
Boston Fern (#7795 5120) or similar
Yucca Bush (#3001 1404)
Dry floral foam brick (#7768 5925)
Wire/floral cutters
Glue Gun & Glue sticks
Floral pins


This arrangement is similar to a classic “L” shape design.

Cut dry floral foam brick in half. Place one half floral foam piece onto the glass plate, leaving space in front of it. Glue in place.

Trim about 3” off the bottom of one of the sword leaf stems. Trim at an angle so that it will go into the foam nicely. Trim off 6” from the bottom of the second sword stem and 10” off the third sword stem. Shape each of the stems by twisting to curl leaves slightly on the top. Place the tallest stem in the middle back of the foam. Place the middle stem to the left and the shortest stem on the right. These stems create an upward motion to the design.

Next trim the large philo leaf (monstera) to about 4” stem. Place in the foam, low over the plate below the sword stem on the left side. Trim the smaller philo leaf’s stem to about 4”. Place stem in the foam, low over the plate towards the right back behind the shortest sword stem.

Trim the bird of paradise leaf to about 4” stem. Place in the middle behind all of the sword leaves. Slightly curve upper third of leaf outwards.

The focal flowers of this arrangement are the anthuriums. They are the flowers that your eyes are drawn to when looking at the arrangement. Take one of the smaller anthuriums. Trim the bottom of the stem slightly, keeping the length, so that it will go in the foam nicely. Place the flower behind the shortest sword leaf. Position the flower head so that it is facing inwards to draw the eye in.

Take one of the large anthuriums and trim stem to about 13” long. Place above the large philo leaf on the left, facing the flower outwards to follow the “L” line.

Take the second large anthurium and trim stem to about 8” long. Shape stem into a slight curving arch. Place flower at the bottom right front of the arrangement. Have the flower slightly protrude over the perimeter of the plate.

Trim the last small anthurium to about 5” in length. Tuck flower in the middle front, next to the large anthurim. Position flower to face forward.

Trim the cymbidium orchid stem very little. Place over the large philo leaf on the left. Slightly curve and arch stem.

Take the plumeria stem and trim down to just the short small leaves. Place stem off to the right side, by the smaller philo leaf. Position so that flowers are closer to the large anthurium.

You will use the oncidium orchids as filler flowers by cutting the stems apart. Place one stem of each color under the large anthurium in the front. Have stems curve outwards 

Place one white stem next to the large anthurium on the left. Place a yellow stem arching over the plumerias. Place a shorter stem under the plumeria, arching over the plate. Place another yellow stem at the highest point of the plumeria and a short one close to the small plumeria leaf.

Use the extra plumeria leaves to fill in, mostly at the back of the arrangement and under the low anthuriums.

To soften the arrangement, you will add come fern leaves. Cut apart fern bush. Curve stems and place 3 stems on each side of the arrangement at different heights.

To add texture to the arrangement, you will use yucca leaves. Cut some leaves from the bush. Slightly curve leaves. Place leaves around arrangement, filling in any open spaces.

Lastly, add sheet moss pieces to hide any of the foam showing. Use floral pins if necessary to hold moss in place.

© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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