Apple Treat Holder

1 qty. 3” x 6” Red Cardstock
1 qty. 1 ” x 5” Red Cardstock
1 qty. 1 ” x 2” Green Cardstock
1 qty. 1” x 2” Brown Cardstock
” Meriken double-stick tape #30013284
Pencil for tracing
Sharp scissors
Scoring tools
Fine tip pen for writing

Diagram 1



Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns.


Take the 5” strip and score horizontally lengthwise, ” in along both the top and bottom edges. Next, measure and score vertically 1 ” in form both the left and right edges.


Place a 5” strip of tape along both top and bottom scored edges. Snip at the 1 ” marks. Remove protective paper from tape and fold piece into a “U” This will be the gusset for the treat holder.


Place the “U” on one of the apple pieces, with the opening at the top. Align the second apple piece to the other side of the “U”.


Attach the stem and leaf to the inside of one of the apples. You can write a message on the leaf as on the example shown. Fill with treats.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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