April Candle Holder


5 1/3” crimp top Ivy Bowl
Terrifically Tacky Tape™ Sheet
Micro Beedz – color choices
Blue Moon™ beads – assorted
26 Gauge Colored Wire – assorted
Paper Punches – assorted designs
Wire cutters
Optional: rounded chopsticks
              bamboo skewer etc. for
              curling wire


Wash Ivy bowl and let dry completely.

Choose a paper punch design. Punch out shapes from Terrifically Tacky Tape™ sheet. Following the directions, peel off the backing and stick shapes around the Ivy Bowl. Do a small section at a time. Remove the paper backing on the shapes to expose the adhesive. Carefully apply the Micro Beedz to the adhesive shape. Press beedz to the Ivy Bowl to secure. Continue decorating Ivy Bowl with beaded shapes until you are pleased with the design.

Cut lengths of contrasting colored wire approx. 18” to 24”. Loosely braid some wires together and wrap around the neck of the ivy bowl. String beads and curl ends of the wire. You can use pencils, bamboo skewers etc. to curl the wires or you can just twist wires into curls. Twist on more wires with beads and curls to the bowl. Add as much wire and beads as desired.

Pour gel candle into the ivy bowl. Or you can just place a votive candle inside.

© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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