April Showers Photo Frame



1 qty. 4” x 11” Foamie-Royal Blue 77613489 (frame border and backing)

1qty. 2 ” x 2 ” Foamie-Goldenrod 30041087 (duck body)

1 qty. ” x 1” Foamie-Goldenrod 30041087 (wing)

1 qty. ” x ” Foamie-Orange 77613521 (beak)

1 qty. 1 ” x 2” Foamie-Red 77613604 (boots)

1 qty. 7mm moving eyes 30055155

Stickles-Icicle 30041981

2 qty. 2” Magnet Strips 30055172





Low temp. glue gun & glue sticks




Trace and cut out pieces from Foamies according to the pattern1 and pattern2.


Glue the frame border to the frame backing, but apply glue to the bottom half only (rounded end) keeping the glue closer to the outer edge of the frame. This will leave an opening to slip a photo into the top half of the frame.


Glue the duck’s body to the bottom of the frame (see pictured sample for placement). Glue the wing onto the body. Glue the beak onto the head. Glue the eye next to the beak. Glue the boots right below the duck’s body onto the frame.


Glue both of the magnet strips onto the frame backing, evenly spaced apart.


Apply a small amount of stickles to the frame border for detail (see pictured sample). Let dry.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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