Asian Design Key Ring


1)      1” key ring

2)      5/8” carved bone or resin disk bead (rabbit design)

3)      8mm round green bead (serpentine or agate)

4)      10mm brown cloisonné bead

5)      Black charlotte beads (size 13o-15o)

6)      8-10 assorted 3-6mm beads (colors coordinating with other beads)

7)      12” Beadalon nylon coated 19 strand beading wire (.010)

8)      6mm closed jump ring

9)      Two crimp beads


1)      Crimping tool




1)      String the beading wire through a crimp bead and then through the jump ring.

2)      Pass the wire end back through the crimp bead forming a 2” tail.

3)      Use the crimping tool to fasten the crimp bead.

4)      String onto both the main wire and tail two small beads and tie a square knot.

5)      Pass both the tail and main wire through a few charlottes then a small bead.

6)      Tie a square knot again and pass the ends through the green 8mm bead.

7)      Cut off any extra part of the wire tail and continue stringing beads randomly.

8)      Try to place the main carved bead in the center and the cloisonné bead near the end.

9)      End the beading with a crimp bead, a small bead, and about 10-12 charlottes.

10)  Pass the wire back through the small bead and then the crimp bead and back up the cloisonné bead.

11)  Pull the wire tightly before crimping the crimp bead.

12)  Tie a square knot and pass the wire through a few beads before tying another square knot.

13)  Pass the wire through a few more beads before cutting off excess.

14)  Split open the key ring and slip on the jump ring.

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