Asian Frame


5” x 7” Bent Acrylic Frame #7745 8828

Red Mulberry Paper #7769 8266

Heidi Grace “Elements” Character Cardstock #3002 8136

5” x 7” Red Cardstock

6.5” x 4.5” Black Cardstock

Double stick tape #3001 3283

Photo (4” x 4” or smaller)



Center and adhere the black cardstock onto the red cardstock with the double stick tape to create the base for the mat.

Cut out strips of Asian Characters from the printed cardstock. Make the strips about wide. Vary the lengths but do not exceed 3.5 long. Cut out about 4 6 strips.

Position the strips onto the black cardstock, leaving some space in between. Leave the middle area blank for the photo.

Tear strip of the red mulberry paper. Weave the mulberry paper through the character strips and over the edge of the cardstocks.

When you are satisfied with the design, carefully adhere the pieces with the double stick tape. Use the character strips to help hold down the mulberry paper pieces. Position your photo onto the finished design. Slip cardstock mat and photo into the acrylic frame.

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