Asian Wooden Box

1) Wooden box with elastic closure (Sierra Pacific)
2) 12x12 Kodomo Inc. scrapbook paper
3) Mod Podge matte medium
4) One faux ivory butterfly bead
5) E600 glue
6) Brilliance galaxy gold stamping ink

1) Scissors
2) Paper hole punchers (regular and small)
3) Stiff paint brush
4) Crackle background rubber stamp



1) Open the box and trace the center portion on the backside of the paper, leaving a 1/8” margin all around.

2) Trace two side panels, leaving a 1/8” margin around each one.

3) Cut out the paper pieces.

4) Using the Mod Podge apply the side panel papers to the sides.

5) Press the center paper onto the box to determine and mark the location of the wooden button and elastic band. 6) Use a regular paper hole punch to make a hole for the button.

7) Use a small hole paper punch to make two holes for the ends of the elastic.

8) With a craft knife or scissors cut the paper vertically below the button and horizontally between the elastic end holes.

9) Apply the paper around the box using the Mod Podge.

10) Adjust the paper folding the edges over or cutting excess.

11) Use the gold ink and crackle stamp to decorate the box.

12) Apply one or two coats of Mod Podge over the entire box.

13) After the box is dry, glue the butterfly bead onto the button.




1) Don’t be too concerned about the neatness of the project because the piece will look more ancient if it is imperfect.

2) You can add more crackle or rub on the gold ink where necessary.

3) Apply the outer coat of Mod Podge quickly to avoid too much puckering of the paper. Use your fingers to press out the air bubbles.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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