Autumn Friendship Necklace

1) One 8” strand of 6mm Leopard Skin (Imagine It)
2) One 8’ strand of 4mm Red Picasso (Imagine It)
3) One 8” strand of 8x10mm Poppy Jasper (Imagine It)
4) Two 4-1/2” pieces of flattened sterling silver cable chain (5/16”links)
5) One 1” sterling silver S-hook
6) Two 3/8” sterling silver cones
7) 22 gauge sterling silver wire (approx. 3”)
8) Beadalon flexible beading wire
9) Six sterling silver crimp beads to accommodate the wire size
10) Jewelry glue

1) Jewelry wire cutters
2) Two jewelry pliers
3) Crimping tool



1) Cut two pieces of 22 gauge wire approximately 1-1/2” long.
2) Make a small loop on the end of each piece of 22 gauge wire.
3) String each strand of beads on a 12” piece of wire.

4) Put a crimp bead on the ends of three wires.
5) String the end of each wire through a 22 gauge wire loop and then back into the crimp bead so that there are three strands attached to a wire loop.
6) Crimp each crimp bead and add a drop of glue.
 7) String the beads onto each wire.
8) String a crimp bead onto each beading wire end and pass the three ends into the 22 gauge wire loop and back through the crimp bead.
9) Crimp the three crimp beads and add a drop of glue.
10) Pass the short beading wire ends back through the last few beads and knot if desired.

11) Pass the unlooped ends of 22 gauge wire through each cone.
12) Form another loop at the tip of each cone attaching it to the end of the chain.
13) Cut off excess wire and join the two chain ends with the s-hook.


1) Use tape to keep the beads from sliding off the wire as you attach the crimps.
2) To make the drape of the beads more pleasing, braid the strands loosely.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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