Back-to-School Card Case


8" x 11" Paper

Assorted rubber stamps & inks

Note: Don't forget to download the folding patterns for this project.



With the paper in front of you, fold in half vertically and crease well. Unfold. Fold each half to the center line and crease well. This will be the quarter fold lines. Unfold.

Fold each corner to the quarter fold lines. Fold the top and bottom edges of the paper to the quarter fold lines. Fold over one more time on the quarter fold lines.

Turn paper vertically. Turn paper over so that the side with the folds faces down. Fold over the top edge about 1" - 1" and crease well. The corners should have small triangle pockets.

Fold bottom edge up and tuck corners into the triangle pockets. You can adjust the size by re-folding the paper and re-inserting the corners into the pockets.

Rubberstamp card case as desired.

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