Bat Box


Accucut Die – “Candy Box”

1 sheet – 8 x 11” Black Heavy Cardstock (body & iris eyes)

1 piece – 2x4” White Cardstock (eyes)

1 yard – 1/8” Black Satin Ribbon #300

” Circle Punch – Marvy Uchida #30028718

1” Circle Punch – Marvy Uchida #30028719


Other supplies:

Adhesive – either Glue stick, Liquid glue, Hot glue (low temp) or Double stick tape Paper Piercer or 1/8” Hole puncher (Big Bite)



Stickles Glitter Glue:

     Black Diamond #30014971

     Red #30014973

     Crystal #30014975




1. Body - Die cut “Candy Box” from black cardstock. Save all scrap pieces.

2. Eyes – Punch out two 1” circles from white cardstock and two ” circles from black cardstock. Then glue the black circles onto the white circles. Glue eyes on the center of Panel 4. (Optional – Add “Black Diamond” or “Crystal” glitter glue to black iris of eyes.)

3. Holes – Using the paper piercer or hole puncher, make two holes on Panel 3. Then tie the black ribbon though the two holes.

4. Glue Panel 1 on top of Panel 5, to close the box.

5. Fangs – Turn the circle punch upside down, so that you can see the white cardstock in the cut out circle. Then punch a “half moon” shape from the side of the existing circle. Cut the circle in half to create 2 fangs. Glue only tops of fangs onto edge of Panel 4, below the eyes. (Some of fangs need to be hanging off of box) (Optional – Add “Red” glitter glue to fangs)

6. Tie ribbon on one side of box on diamond cutouts.

7. Fill box with treats, then close other end.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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