Bat Ornament


1 qty. 3 1/2” Plastic Clear Disc Ornament #30121828
1 qty. 2” x 2 1/2” Neon Green Foamie #30104739
2 qty. 4” x 4” Black Foamie (wings) #77613620
2 qty. 20mm Moving Eyes #30055160
Black Enamel Paint #30012702
DecoColor Paint Marker Fine Point - White #77659367
Red Acrylic Paint #77624866
1” foam brush #10109
Fine tip paintbrush
Low temp Glue and glue sticks
Pen/pencil or tracing
Sharp Scissors

Optional: Ribbons for bows on top

NOTE: Refer to the pictured sample for placement of pieces.

Ornament on the right



1) Paint the exterior of the clear disc ornament with the black enamel paint. Let dry.
2) Trace and cut out pieces from foamie according to the patterns.
3) Place the green foamie circles onto the painted disc for the eyes and glue in place.
4) Place a 20mm moving eye on each of the 1” green foamie circles and glue in place.
5) Use the white DecoColor marker and draw a squiggly line below the eyes for the mouth. Paint in two fangs as shown in the sample. Let dry.
6) Use a fine tip paintbrush and paint some “blood” on the tips of the fangs using the red acrylic paint. Let dry.
7) Glue a black foamie wing onto each side of the disc.
8) Optional: Tie some colorful ribbons to the top of the ornament



2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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