Beaded Bow Necklace


Wire - 24 gauge
Jump Rings
Thread – similar to bead color
Jewelry pliers
Sewing Needle



Cut 9” wire, make tiny loop at end with pliers
String 3” of wire with beads
String end of wire through tiny loop at other end of wire
String another 3” of beads
String end of wire through tiny loop again
Wrap wire around center 2-3 times then trim
Cut thread about 12”, tie knot at end that will not slip through beads
String 1 bead, go back through the same way (making it a stop bead)
String 4” of beads onto thread, tie off
Thread excess thread back up through beads
Tie strand of beads around center of wire bow (you may wish to glue or sew in place)
Attach jump rings to bow than chain
Attach jump rings to other end of chain, attach clasp



2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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