Beaded Bracelet Bunny Basket


1) 6”x12” yellow cardstock

2) 3”x 4” white felt

3) Two black seed beads

4) Tiny amount of pink wool roving or felt

5) One flower rhinestone

6) Scrap paper (light blue, plaid, matching paper for tag)

7) Two pipe cleaners (yellow, white chenille)

8) Clear drying glue

9) Merikan double stick tape

10) Black stamping ink

11) One beaded bracelet



1) Sizzix French fry box die cutter

2) Sizzix ‘Kathy’ (Hello Kitty’s friend) die cutter

3) 1-3/8”x 2-1/4” scallop-edged rectangle punch

4) Small round hole punch

5) Studio G small Easter clear stamp set

6) Scissors




1) Die cut the box from the cardstock and tape it together.

2) Die cut the bunny from the felt (remove the eyes and nose) and glue it to the box.

3) Die cut the dress and flower from the plaid paper and glue them onto the felt.

4) Die cut the sleeves from the blue paper and glue them onto the bunny.

5) Glue the seed beads into the eye holes.

6) Make a small nose from the pink wool or cut a small piece of felt and glue it in place.

7) Glue the rhinestone to the flower.

8) Cut out the rectangle from scrap paper and stamp it with the words.

9) Glue the tag to the side of the bunny.

10) Punch holes in the box for the handle.

11) Wrap one pipe cleaner around the bracelet to attach it to the other pipe cleaner.

12) Insert the handle ends into the box holes and cut the excess if necessary.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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