Beaded Bunny


16 – 4mm round facet beads
2 – 12mm Starflake beads
2 – 18mm Starflake beads
1 – 18mm round facet bead
1 – 6mm round facet bead for tail (white)
1 chenille stem
3” of 1/8” stain ribbon for bow
Low Temp Glue gun & glue sticks
Optional: pin back



Slide the 6mm facet bead for the tail onto the chenille stem. Place bead 3” from one end of the chenille stem.

Using the 3” of chenille stem. Bend and make a loop about ” long and twist around base of stem by bead to form a foot. Repeat with the remaining stem to form the other foot. Tuck in end of the chenille stem so it won’t poke you. Twist and shape the feet and place the tail behind feet.

Take the other long end of the chenille stem and position it perpendicular on top of the feet. Slide one 12mm starflake bead onto the chenille stem. Next slide the two 18mm starflake beads, aligning and intersecting beads in place.

Form 2 paws with the chenille stem, twisting 2 loops like you did for the feet. Slide the last 12mm starflake bead onto the chenille stem over the paws. Slide the 18mm round facet bead on for the head.

Slide four of the 4mm facet beads onto the chenille stem. Bend the stem and slide four more 4mm facet beads. Twist chenille stem to secure beads. This forms one ear. Repeat with the remaining eight 4mm facet beads for the other ear. Tuck end of chenille stem in so it won’t poke you.

Tie a bow with the 1/8” ribbon. Glue bow below neck.

Optional: You can make the bunny into a pin by gluing a pin back behind.

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