Beaded Comb


Small Clear Hair Comb # 3002 4149
Silver 26 gauge wire #7718 6932
Seed Beads in two colors
Glass Bead Mix in coordinating color
Wire Cutters

Note: The sample was made using Darice silver seed beads #7718 5298, Gick Iridescent Multi seed beads #7763 3735 and Blue Moon Glass Bead Mix in Amethyst #7768 3656.



Cut 3 lengths of wire 4" long. String 2 of the wires with the seed beads in color #1. String the third wire with the seed beads in color # 2. Place the wires together and twist together to create a spiral look. Twist the ends of the wire together to hold beads in place. Fold under wire ends.

Cut a 12" piece of wire to attach the spiral to the comb. Leaving a short tail, wrap wire around the spiral and through the teeth of the comb to secure. String about 6 seed beads onto the wire and wrap over the spiral. Bring the wire to the front through the teeth. On the wire add a few seed beads, a larger glass bead and more seed beads. Wrap around the comb on top of the spiral. Continue adding beads onto the wire, seed and larger beads, then wrapping around the comb until you reach the end.

Thread and wrap the wire along the back to secure. Cut off excess wire and tuck the ends under.

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