Beaded Floral Design Barrette


1)      1-3/4” light pink satin ribbon (1/4” wide) with picot edge (Offray Spool o’ Ribbon)

2)      1-1/2” x ” undecorated metal hair barrette (DC&C Jewelry Connection)

3)      4 milky white 4mm Swarovski bicone crystals

4)      12 green size11/o seed beads

5)      12 clear with pink interior 3mm firepolished bicones

6)      3 pearly light pink size 8/o seed beads or charlottes

7)      12” monofilament size 2 or 3

8)      FabriTac or E6000 glue




1)      Glue the ribbon to the barrette turning the ends under.

2)      Starting with one of the bicone crystals in the middle of the 12” piece of monofilament, add a green seed bead onto either side of the crystal and then add a pink bead next to each of the green seed beads.

3)      Going in opposite directions, pass the ends of the monofilament through a white pearlized charlotte.

4)      Next string each end of the monofilament through a pink bead and then a green seed bead.

5)      Going in opposite directions pass the monofilament ends through another crystal bicone.

6)      Continue following the same pattern until all beads are used.

7)      End bead pattern by tying off the monofilament in a square knot between the last crystal and green seed bead.

8)      Weave the ends of the monofilament back through a few beads before cutting off excess.

9)      Using the FabriTac glue adhere the strung beads to the ribbon- covered barrette.

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