Beaded Gift Tag


Small Ivory Tag
Red Micro Beedz
Green Micro Beedz
Terrifically Tacky Sheet
Terrifically Tacky Tape – Ό” or Heiko Tape 5mm
Gold embossing powder
Heat Tool for embossing
Gold deco Color marker – fine or extra fine
8” of fibers
Tidy Tray


Place the narrow double stick tape around the edge of the tag. Remove backing and place in a Tidy tray or on a scrap sheet of paper. Generously pour gold embossing powder over the exposed tape. Shake off the excess powder and put back into the jar. Use the heat tool to melt and emboss the powder

Trace and cut out the holly berries and leaves from the Terrifically Tacky sheet according to the patterns. Position and adhere the berries onto the tag near the hole. Remove the protective covering. Place the tag in the Tidy tray and pour the red Micro Beedz onto the design. Beedz will adhere. Pour excess beedz back into the package.

Position and adhere the leaves around the berries. Remove protective covering and place the tag into the Tidy Tray. Pour the green Micro Beedz onto the leaves. Beedz will adhere to the design. Pour excess beedz back into the package.

Use the gold Deco color pen to write “To:” and “Fr:” onto the tag. Slip knot the fibers into the hole of the tag.

Click here for the Wreath Gift Tag.

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