Beaded Pencil Toppers - Christmas Tree


Beadalon eyeglass holder (30061216)
1 piece Swarovski 6mm margarita (30106631)
2 pieces Swarovski 8mm margarita (30106637)
2 pieces Swarovski 10mm margarita
2 pieces Beadalon 2" head pin (30033359)
1 piece Swarovski 4mm bicones red ab (30036671)
1piece Swarovski 4mm cube (30106711)
1 piece 11/0 seed bead (30087195)
24 gauge wire (30088350)

Additional tools needed:
round nose pliers
chain nose pliers
wire cutter





Take about 3 inches of 24 gauge wire and coil the end, string on about 2 inches of seed beads. Wrap the beaded wire around the tip of the pencil to create a cone shaped coil then set on the side. Take the head pin and string on a cube, 2 x 10mm margaritas, 2 x 8mm margaritas, 2 x 6mm margaritas. Use your fingers to wrap the beaded coil around the tree like a garland and wrap the end of the wire onto the head pin right above the last margarita, trim off the tail of the 24 gauge wire. String on the 4mm bicone then wire wrap to the eyeglass holder. Adjust your garland as needed.



2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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