Bead Project Can


Tin Clear Pail #3005 7743

 1 5/8” x 1 5/8” Clear Acrylic Box #7723 7610

4” x 4” Felt or bead mat material

4” x 4” Cardstock for lid

Black fine tip marker #91029

8 – 10 pcs. of 12” lengths of colored wire 24 gauge

Assorted beads to decorate the handles

E-6000 glue #7752 5881

Double stick tape  #3001 3283



Wire cutters






Remove the lid from the clear pail and set aside. Remove the lid from the acrylic box. Put some E-6000 glue on the bottom of the box and glue to the bottom of the inside of the pail. This serves as a tools holder and you can place your assorted jewelry pliers inside.

The rest of the pail can hold bags or tubes of beads and stringing materials for your project.


Trace and cut out the circle pattern from the felt. Center the felt on the inside of the pail’s lid and use double stick tape to adhere. This serves as a bead mat for working on projects.


On the cardstock circle, write the person’s name ex. “Amy’s Beads” with the marker. Center and adhere the circle to the outside of the pail’s lid. Place lid back on the pail.


Take a piece of the colored wire. Leaving a short tail, wrap one end to the end of the pail’s handle. Curl the tail. Add a bead to the wire ad wrap wire around the handle. Continue to add beads and wrap around the handle. Do this with the remaining wires and beads until the handle is embellished with beads.


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