Bollywood Jewelry

1) 6 large silver plated oval rings (Beadalon)
2) 5 medium silver plated oval rings (Beadalon)
3) 12 small silver plated oval rings (Beadalon)
4) 1 pkg. silver plated small connectors (Beadalon)
5) Size 6/0 seed beads to match larger beads
6) 3 assorted strands of Beyond Beautiful (approx. 35) beads (Cousins Co.)
7) One large silver plated toggle clasp (Blue Moon)
8) 19 strand, .010” beading wire (Beadalon)
9) Two crimp beads sized to match wire
10) Two wire guardians or ” French wire
11) Two crimp covers

1) 14 assorted Beyond Beautiful beads
2) Size 6/0 seed beads
3) One silver plated toggle clasp (Blue Moon)
4) 19 strand, .010” beading wire (Beadalon)
5) Two crimp beads sized to match wire
6) Two wire guardians or ” French wire
7) Two crimp covers

1) Two pairs of Beyond Beautiful beads
2) Two oval silver plated rings (Beadalon)
3) Two silver plated ear wires
4) Two fancy long silver plated head pins

1) Two jewelry pliers
2) Wire cutters



1) String the beads (seed beads in between and on the ends) onto the beading wire (still on spool).

2) Once you have approx. 27” of beads add a crimp bead and guardian wire.

3) Fasten the guardian wire onto one end of the toggle.

4) Pass the wire back through the crimp bead and crimp with pliers.

5) Cover the crimp with a crimp cover and pass the wire end through several beads before knotting, tying it off and cutting excess.

6) Cut the bead strand off the spool leaving a 6” tail of wire.

7) Attach the bead strand to the other side of the toggle clasp with the crimp, wire guardian, and crimp cover.

8) Form a 27” oval link chain with the connectors and ovals.

9) Using connectors attach the chain to the toggle clasp.



1) Using the same technique as for the necklace, make a 7” bead strand.

2) Like the necklace, finish the ends of the bracelet off with the crimps, wire guardians, crimp covers and clasp.



1) Use the head pin to attach two beads to the bottom of the oval ring.

2) Attach the ear wire to the top of the oval ring.

3) Make the other side of the earring pair.



1) String seed beads near the clasp end so that the toggle can pass through.

2) Choose beads with assorted sizes and shapes to add interest.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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