1 qty. 2” x 5 ” solid cardstock (color of choice)

1 qty. 2” x 5” solid cardstock (contrast color of choice)

Fiskars Border Punch (design of choice)

Hand punches, rubberstamps, pigment/dye ink pads (of choice)

Scraps of cardstock/papers




Double stick tape 30013283 or dry glue stick 12162


Xyron 510 w/2-sided Lamination cartridge 30004151/77577122




Take the 2” x 5” solid cardstock and insert the long edge into the border punch. Make sure to line it up with the grid markings on the punch so that it’s centered. Punch the design out. Move the cardstock over and line up the design you just punched out with the design on the punch itself and punch out another design. At this point, you should have more than half of the edge punched out with a continuous border design. Move the cardstock over to the opposite side of the same edge to punch out another design. Line up the first design you punched out with the design on the punch itself and punch out 1 more design so that you end up with 1 of the long edges of the cardstock punched out with a continuous border design.


Decorate the same cardstock with rubberstamps and punches from the scraps of cardstock. You can put a little adhesive/glue to temporarily tack down the punched out pieces onto the cardstock.


Center the decorated cardstock onto the solid, undecorated 2” x 5 ” cardstock and adhere with doubles stick tape.


Insert the bookmark into the Xyron machine and following the manufacture’s instructions, laminate it (you can laminate 2 bookmarks at a time if you place them side by side, evenly spaced apart, inserting the 2” ends into the machine). Trim off any excess lamination with scissors.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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