Bottle Cap Bracelet


6 – 7 blank bottle caps

Rubber Mallet

Board or platform to pound on

White Cardstock #7730 2224

1/16” Hole Punch #7717 8533

1” Circle Punch #3002 8719

Assorted rubberstamps

Archival Ink Pads – assorted colors*

Tacky Glue #7760 9875

Glossy Accents #3001 4904

Chain link bracelet -  silver #3000 2990, gold #3000 2989

6mm jump rings - silver #3000 5968, gold #3000 5967

Chain Nose pliers #3002 4247


Note: Archival inks by Ranger shouldn’t bleed when covered by the Glossy Accents




Take six or seven blank bottle caps and place them onto a board or platform and hit with the rubber mallet to flatten. The rimmed edges of the caps will curl over.


Using the 1/16” hole punch, pierce a hole on the rim of each flattened bottle cap.


Stamp your design on the white cardstock. Turn the 1” circle punch upside down so you can see the cutout area. Center your design in the circle cutout area. Punch stamped design out.


Glue the stamped circle to the inside of the bottle cap, making sure that the pierced rim is at the top of the bottle cap. Coat the top of the circle with Clear Glossy Accents. Let dry. Optional: You can also glue a design to the blank tops of the bottle caps, too.


Attach a jump ring to each of the bottle caps. Attach bottle caps to the chain link bracelet, spacing them evenly along the links.

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