Bottle Necklace


Cable Chain (30106877)
Jump Rings (30106899)
Head Pins (30106897)
Assorted Charms
*Charms used:
Soaring Sparrow (30109228), Filigree Butterfly (30109216), Leaf Charm (30106879)
6mm Pearls (30097734)

Additional Tools:
Wire Cutter
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers



1. Cut the cable chain to fit around the neck of bottle. Attach close with a jump ring. Cut another piece of cable chain approximately half the length of the bottle and attach one side to the chain around the neck of the bottle. The other side should hang down the length of the bottle, this piece it to attach the charms to.
2. Using jump rings attach assortment of charms to the chain that is hanging down the length of the bottle. Add one pearl to a head pin and wire wrap to add a loop at one end. Use a jump ring to attach to chain.
3. Place the chain around the neck of the bottle to add a touch of elegance and style…



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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