Boys Day Lollipop Cover


1 qty. 3” x 3” Beige Cardstock – face and hands
1 qty. 2 ” x 2” Black Cardstock – hair
1 qty. 1/4” x 4” White Cardstock – headband
1 qty. 3” x 4” Red Cardstock – fish
1 qty. 3” x 4” Lt. Red Cardstock – fish face
1 qty. 2 ” x 3 ” cardstock – your color choice for the tag Deco color marker – silver or gold, or any color
Black Sharpie # 91029
3/16” Meriken Double stick tape #30013283
2” of ribbon for lollipop stick

2” Circle Punch (Clever Lever Blue) #30028735
2 ” Oval Punch (Clever Lever Pink) #30028753
” Circle Punch (EK Success) #30100070
Giga Shipping Tag Punch (Clever Lever Purple) #30028768
” Hole punch ##77178558
Sharp Scissors




Using the 2 ” oval punch, punch out one oval each from the red and light red cardstocks. Position the light red oval vertically in the oval punch about 1/3 in and punch out for the fish’s face. Use the 1/4” hole punch and punch a hole for the eye in the face. Tape a scrap of white paper behind the hole. Use the Black Sharpie and color in the eye. Place the face on the red body, matching the edges and tape in place. On the scrap of red cardstock, punch out just a 1/2” tip of the oval for the tail. Crease in the middle and tape to the back of the body as shown on the sample. Use the deco color marker to draw fish scales.
Use the 2” circle punch and punch out one circle from the beige cardstock for the head. From the same cardstock, use the EK Success ” circle punch and punch two ” circle for the hands. Use the 2” circle punch to punch out half a circle from black cardstock for the hair. Use the scissors to cut out a little notch along the straight edge for the part in the bangs. Place onto the head, matching the edges and tape in place.
Take the ” white strip of cardstock and place across the hair for the headband, tape in place and trim at the ends to match the curve of the head. Use the remaining white cardstock to make a knot and tape onto the headband s shown on the pictured sample. Use the Black Sharpie to draw in two eyes on the face.

Punch a Shipping Tag from cardstock. Use the ” hole punch to make a hole at the pointed end for the lollipop stick.
Place the boy’s head at the top of the tag and the fish over the bottom of the boy’s face. Tape to the tag. Place the two ” circle at the bottom of the fish, as if the hands are holding the fish. Tape in place.
Slip the lollipop stick through the hole and tape the tag to the lollipop. Tie a ribbon to the stock below the tag.



2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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