Bunny Cookie Treat


Wilton Bunny Cookie Treat Pan #30010302

Crispy Rice Cereal

Vanilla Melt ‘n Mold Candy melts #77683409

8” Cookie Sticks #30048650

Ready-to-Decorate Icing – Pink #77400747

Ready-to-Decorate Icing – White #77400721

Ready-to-Decorate Icing – Blue #77400754

Wilton Disposable Decorator Bags #77654848

8” of ribbon for bow

Optional: candies for decorating



2 -Glass Bowls – microwaveable

Microwave oven






Pour about three cups of crispy rice cereal into a bowl. Note: It is best to make a little at a time.


Place candy melts into the disposable decorator bag. With the opening at the top, lay the bag in the bowl. Follow the Melt ‘n Mold manufacturer’s directions and place bowl in the microwave to melt candy. When candy is melted, remove bag from the bowl and snip bottom point.


Squeeze melted candy into the bowl of cereal. Stir and mix candy and cereal together. Keep stirring until all of the mixture is coated with the vanilla candy.


Scoop some of the mixture and place into one of the bunny molds in cookie treat pan. Spread out mixture to fill the shape. Place the cookie stick into the mixture, extending out form the bottom slot. Add more mixture to encase the stick. Repeat with the other bunny molds in the pan.


Place the filled pan into the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden the treats. To remove treats from the pan, carefully tap pan on a hard surface. Treats should loosen and you can lift them out by their stick. Use the icing and other candies to decorate as desired. Take ribbon and tie a bow bon the stick.



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