Bunny Egg Hugger


6” x 7” Fun Foam, any color for bunny
1” x 1.5” White Fun Foam for muzzle
2” x 2.5” Pink fun foam for inner ear
2 – 10mm Moving Eyes
Black Fine Tip Permanent marker
Low Temp Glue gun & glue sticks
Plastic Fillable Easter Egg – reg. Size



Trace and cut out pieces from Fun Foam according to the patterns.

Center and glue the inner ears onto the bunny’s ears. Center and glue the muzzle to the lower half of the bunny’s face. Use the black fine tip permanent maker to lightly draw whiskers on the muzzle. Glue the pink heart nose in the center of the whiskers. Glue the moving eyes to the bunny’s face above the muzzle.

Take a regular sized plastic fillable Easter egg and place in front of the bunny. Wrap the bunny’s arms around the egg, overlapping the paws. Glue the paws together, but not to the egg. Remove egg to fill with treats and place back into bunny’s arms.

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