Bunny Glass Block


1 qty. Glass block – Wavy #30090220

1 qty. 3 ” x 4” Baby Blue Foamie #30041086 for eyes

1 qty. 3” x3” White Foamie #77613612 for eyes

1 qty. 1” x 1 ” Black Foamie #77613620 for eyes

1 qty. 1” x 2” Baby Blue Foamie #30041086 for eyes

1 qty. 2 ” x 5” White Foamie #77613612 for cheeks

1 qty. 1” x 1” Pink Foamie #77613596 for nose

1 qty. 30”x 48” length of Pink Cellophane #30087910

1 qty. 20 ct. Light set w/ white cord #30090181

3qty. Pink Chenille stems #77674176

Crystal Fibers – white Gold #30017814

Pop Up Glue Dots #30001511 3/16”

Meriken Double stick tape #30013283

Clear Cello tape

1 qty. 24” length of 1 ” wire-edge printed ribbon for bow



Pen/Pencil for tracing

Sharp Scissors




Clean the outside of your glass block and dry thoroughly before you start.


Trace and cut out pieces from Foamies according to the patterns.


For the eyes: Place the large white eye pieces onto the large blue pieces and glue in place with double stick tape. Next, place the small blue circles onto the eyes at the bottom and adhere with tape. Lastly, place the small black circles onto the blue ones and adhere in place.


Refer to the pictured sample for placement and adhere the eyes to the front of the glass block with pop up glue dots. Next, place the two white cheeks under the eyes and adhere with pop up glue dots. Lastly, place the pink heart nose on top of the cheeks and adhere with a pop up glue dot.


Take a small bunch of the iridescent shreds and place loosely inside of the glass block. Carefully, add the string of lights inside the glass block, making sure the lights don’t bunch up in only one area. Spread the lights around the block and add more shreds to hide the lights and wires. Have the end of the wire come out at the top at the back of the block.


Place the 30” x 48” piece of pink cellophane on a table. Place the glass block in the center. Bring the cellophane up against the front and back of the glass block and gather above the opening. Let the light cord come out over the cellophane.


Bring the left and right sides of the cellophane up along the sides of the block and gather at the top. Twist one of the chenille stems around the gathered cellophane to hold in place. Separate the left and right cellophane. Take each one and tuck a chenille stem in the middle. Carefully fold and tuck in the sides of the cellophane and shape into bunny ears. Use small pieces of tape on the back of the ears to hold in place. Twist the tip and fold down to the back. Tape in place. Because there is a chenille stem in the middle, you can position the ears if you want.


Tie a bow around the gathered base of the ears. On the backside, leave some openings on the top to avoid heat condensation in the block. Plug in the lights and display.  



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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