Bunny Pin


3.5” x 6” White Felt
1” x 1.25” Pink Felt
1.5” x1.5” Orange Felt
.5” x .5” Pink Fun Foam
1/8” Hole Puncher
12” of Green Embroidery Floss
2 – 7mm Moving Eyes
12” of White Crochet Thread
4” of 1/8” satin ribbon for bow
Black fine Tip Permanent Marker
Pin Back
Low temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.

Make a loopy bow with the green embroidery floss, keep one end of the floss about 1.5” long. Glue knotted end to the top of one of the carrot pieces. Glue the 2 carrot pieces together with the knot sandwiched between. Glue the loose end of the 1.5” floss to the bottom of one of the Bunny pieces, centering between arms. Carrot should dangle down.

Glue the other Bunny piece to the first. Glue the Inner ears to the Bunny. Glue the moving eyes below the ears. Make a loopy bow with the white crochet thread for the whiskers. Cut loops apart and trim as desired. Glue the knotted center below the eyes. Use the 1/8” hole puncher to punch a nose from pink fun foam. Glue nose on top of the whiskers.

Make a bow with the 1/8” ribbon. Glue bow between arms. Glue pin back behind bunny’s head.

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