Bunny Votive Candle Holder


Pint Canning Jar
Flower Pot votive candleholder
6 x 7 White felt
4 x 5 Pink felt
1 x 1 Pink Fun Foam
1.5 x 1.5 White Fun Foam
1 x 1 Black fun foam
White Acrylic Paint
Satin Varnish Sealer
Sponge brush or sponge
Black Fine Tip Permanent Marker
15 of ribbon (approx. 1) for Bow
Low temp Glue gun & glue sticks
Votive candle


Wash pint size canning jar and flower pot votive candleholder. Dry completely. Paint outside of canning jar with white acrylic paint by sponging or using a sponge brush. Set aside to dry. Paint the outer tip rim of the flowerpot votive holder with the white acrylic paint suing the same technique. Let dry.

When glassware is dry, coat with satin varnish sealer. Let dry.

Trace and cut out pieces from felt and fun foam according to the patterns.

Center and glue the pink inner ears to the outer white ears. Glue the straight ends of the ears to the outer rim of the jar, having the ears flop down. Take the ribbon and wrap once around the jar rim, covering the ends of the ears. Tie into a bow at the middle between the ears.

Glue the round black eyes onto the outer white eyes. Glue the eyes to the middle of the jar below the bow. Take the black fine tip permanent marker and draw whiskers below eyes. Draw a smiling mouth below. Glue the pink heart nose in the center of the whiskers above the mouth. Draw wisps under the bow on the forehead.

Place the flowerpot candleholder inside of the canning jar. Place a votive candle in the flowerpot.

Note: Always use caution when using lit candles.

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