Butterflies and Blossoms Bracelet


7 qty.* Clover 16mm – White Beads #30087794

12 qty.* Butterfly 16mm – Multi Beads #30087793

14 qty.* Round 6/0 Transparent Rainbow Crystal Seed beads #30086968

Glass Bead Mix Fancy Seed Beads #30001076

22 gauge Silver Wire w/copper core #30085107

2 qty. 6mm Jump rings – silver #30061178

1 qty. Medium Round Toggle set – silver #30061160


NOTE: You may use less or more beads depending on what length you want the bracelet to be when finished.



Round Nose Jewelry Pliers #3056203

Wire – Flush Cutters #3005620

Long Nose Pliers #30056200


NOTE: Wire wrapping knowledge is needed for this project




Cut a length of 22 gauge silver wire about 1.5” – 2” long. On one end, make a wire wrapped closed loop. Slip on a 6/0 seed bead, then a Clover Bead and then another 6/0 seed bead. End with another wire wrapped closed loop. This is the first bead set.


For the second set, take the same length of wire. Make a wrapped closed loop on one end. Slip on the same pattern of beads (6/0 seed bead, Clover Bead, 6/0 seed bead). Now, you need to join this second set to the first beads set. Make your loop on the end of the wire next to the beads. Slip into one looped end of the first bead set. Finish wire wrapping the loop closed on the second beads set.


Repeat these steps until you have joined all of the Clover beads together. Close the loop on the seventh bead set. Use a jump ring on each end of the Clover Bead length to attach the toggle closure.


In between each Clover Bead set, you will add two dangling butterfly beads. Take a 1.5” length of wire. Start a wire wrapped loop on one end. Slip the loop onto one of the connecting loops in between the Clover beads. Finish wrapping the loop closed. Slip on a butterfly bead. Next, slip on about 4 seed beads from the Fancy Seed Bead Mix. Take the round nose pliers and start coiling the end of the wire up to the bottom of the beads. Repeat these steps until you have two butterflies dangling between each of the Clover beads.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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