Butterfly Centerpiece


1 qty. Package of Nylon Netting – your color choice

1 qty. Package of Thick Londy Wire – coordinate color to netting

3 qty. Piece of Thin Londy Wire

3 qty. 8mm Facet Beads for butterfly head

18 qty. 6mm Facet Beads for butterfly bodies

Sewing Thread

Green Floral tape #77479402

1 qty. 8.75” Cylinder Glass vase #77774570

Glitter Filler Balls – color coordinate



Sharp scissors

Wire Cutters #30056202

Round Nose Pliers #30056203

Nylon Tool Kit #30068904

Bamboo skewer or thin bamboo knitting needle to curl wire


NOTE: The sample pictures used 2-tone Gold/Dark Pink nylon netting #30052558, Dark Gold Thick Londy Wire #30052464, Lt. Gold Thin Londy Wire #30052448, 6mm AB Dark Red Facet Beads #30064901 and 8mm AB Dark Red Facet Beads #30064913.


NOTE: To make this project, knowledge of making nylon netting flowers is helpful.




Follow the steps and make three butterflies.


To make a butterfly-

Take a piece of Thick Londy wire and wrap it around bamboo knitting needle or similar. Pull off and stretch the wire, creating a wavy wire. You will need at least two of these wavy wires to create the wings for one butterfly.


To make the top wing portion of the butterfly, use the Brown ring (6th smallest) from the Nylon Tool set. Leaving about 1” from the end, wrap the wavy wire around the brown ring Twist the ends together to secure and cut off the excess wire. Remove from the ring. Repeat for the other Top wing. To make the bottom wing portion, use the Grey ring (5th smallest) from the Nylon Tool set and follow the same steps as the top wings. Make two.


Take each wire piece and pull the mid point out a little to elongate, forming the wing shape. Place the wire piece along the edge of the nylon netting and stretch over the entire wire wing piece. Make sure that the netting is completely covering the shape. Take a piece of sewing thread and wrap around the bottom of the wing several times. This secures the netting in place. Cut off the excess thread.


Repeat for the other thee wings. For the smaller bottom wings, you can twist the point to shape the wings even more.


Place the two top wings together. Wrap thread around the base of both wings, wrapping them together. Cut off excess thread. Repeat with the two bottom wings. Open up the wings. Tuck the bottom wings slightly under the top wings. Wrap the two sets of wings together with thread.


Butterfly Body –

Take a piece of Thick Londy wire and fold in half. Hold the two ends of the wire together and slide six of the 6mm facet beads onto both wires. Push beads down to the fold of the wire. Use the round nose pliers to form a circle at the fold which will help hold the beads in place. Slide 8mm facet bead on to the wires for the head. Separate the two wire ends for the antennae.


Use the round nose pliers to curl the ends of the wire antennae. Place the beaded body on top of the butterfly wings. Take a piece of Thin Londy wire and fold in half. Slip the folded end over the center of the beaded body. Let the fold rest between the beads. Twist the ends of the wire together under the butterfly wings to secure the body. Wrap the wires all together under the wings with the floral tape like a flower calyx. Just wrap about 2 inches down. Separate the thin wire ends and curl into large loops. The loops will help hold the butterflies in place in the arrangement.


Creating the Centerpiece –

Curl the bottom stem of the Glitter Gold Branch spray so that it will rest at the bottom of the glass cylinder. Pour some glitter balls into the cylinder vase. Bend and shape the braches as desired. Place one butterfly midway into the vase, letting the wire curls catch onto the braches to hold in place. Place the second butterfly just over the top of the vase, like it is flying out. Place the third butterfly above the vase on one of the braches.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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