Button Pins

Assorted Buttons (felt buttons various shapes, big bag of buttons)
Floral tape 77479402
Decorative single green leaves 30006935
3 - 22 ga 18"" floral wire 77479337
1 - Bar pin with adhesive back 30095578

Wire cutter



1. Create 3 stacks of "flowers" with the button and felt shapes - stacking from large to small.

2. Fold floral wire in half. Take the floral wire and string buttons to both ends of the wire using two different button holes. Push down button to the crease in the wire. Continue stringing the stack to create a flower. Repeat with the two other stacks.


3. Wrap the 3 flowers together with the single leaves to create a corsage. Cut off excess wire. Use floral tape to adhere the corsage together.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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