Button Rings

Assorted buttons*
20 gauge jewelry wire
Small beads, charms and gemstones for embellishing
Heads pins

NOTE: Buttons need to have holes to feed wire through. Buttons with shanks can be used for a top embellishment of the ring. Knowledge of basic wire wrapping skills are helpful for this project.

Ring Mandrel or wooden dowel (size of ring finger)
Wire Wrapping Tools:
     Flush Cutter
     Chain Nose Pliers
     Round Nose Pliers
Nylon Jaw Pliers



TIP: Use the nylon jaw pliers to smooth out kinks in the wire as you work. Pulling the wire through the jaws of the pliers will also harden the wire a little.

1) Cut a piece of the 20 gauge wire 24” or longer. You may want a longer length if you plan on doing a lot of wire wrapping designs on your ring.

2) To form the base of the ring, you will need to wrap the wire around the mandrel or dowel. Find the mid-point of the wire and place onto the mandrel /dowel. Make 3 to 4 loops around the mandrel/dowel using both ends of the wire. Do not overlap the loops. Both ends of the wire need to end at the top of the loops. Twist the ends of the wire together once to hold in place.

3) Place your base button over the wires. You can stack more than one button together. Pull the ends of the wire through the button holes (just 2 opposite holes if there are 4 holes)Pull wire tight and twist the ends together once, using the chain nose pliers if necessary. Remove the ring from the mandrel.

4) Create the top design of your ring. Use the jewelry pliers to make swirls and other designs with the wire, leaving at least 3” of wire on both ends. You can add other small beads, charms or gemstones at this time by feeding directly onto the wire as you wire wrap. Or wire wrap them onto headpins and attach. Be creative!

5) When you are finished, each end of wire needs to go over the edge of the button and coil around the ring wire underneath the button base. Take each wire end and wrap around the looped ring wire base at least three times to finish. Cut off excess wire and tuck end in to avoid snags. .

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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